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Tutti is our August girl

This August we celebrate a little beauty named Tutti. Originally from Spain, Tutti now resides in Lisboa, where she keeps her mommy fit and well trained, as she loves running.

Tutti looks a bit like me, she has the same hair colour, just she is much more skinny and a bit smaller. But I believe, she could be a Weimi too.


Love, Your Cooka



Hello Tutti and thank you for being here with us today. Shall we start? WOOOOF!

First of all, please tell us when and where you were born. And do you know your starsign?

I was born in Madrid, on the June 25th, 2019. My starsign is Cancer, we are known for being sensible are really dependent on our family.


Do you remember the moment when you met mommy and daddy for the very first time?

I only met mommy and daddy the day they picked me, I remember we spent 5 hours in the car coming back to Portugal, I just slept the whole roadtrip.


What was your first thought when you noticed that your new family does not have paws and does not bark?

You know, I’m Spanish and my pawrents are Portuguese, so, besides them not barking, they did not spoke the hooman language I knew. That was really confusing for me at the time!


You are named Tutti. Does it have a special meaning?

Yes! You know, Italian Greyhounds (iggies) were the protected dog breed of the Ancient Egypt Civilization. Mom knew that and really wanted an Iggy so she took dad to a Tuttankhamon exhibition and it was on that day that mommy convinced daddy to have me. So Tutti is short from Tuttankhamon, as a tribute to my ancestors and also is a family memory of that day.


What is your favourite place at home? 

My pawrents bed!



And what is your favourite place outdoors?

The balcony counts? I love to be outside, but I’m really afraid of other dogs, so it would be the park with no doggies.


Does mommy cook for you (If yes, is she a good cook) or do you eat kibble?

Sometimes mommy makes pancakes for breakfast, and it is good for me and my pawrents, so we all have pancakes. But the most of the time I eat kibble.


What is your all-time favourite food?

My grandpawrents have a farm and I absolutely love to steal eggs from the chickens and run! I also loooooove Cooka’s Beijinhos.


Your parents are hoomans, but if they would be doggies too, which breed would they be?

Daddy would be a cat! Mommy would be a German Shepherd probably.


What is the thing you find most strange about hoomans?

Can you believe they like to shower???


And what thing you like the most?

I like that they think I don’t know how to sit, lay, and stay, so they give me treats for that. They call it training, I call it buffet!!


If you could take your ‘pack‘ on a holiday, where would you go?

I would go to Egypt to see if they still think iggys are Gods. I think I deserve my own statue.




And if you only could pack 3 items in your doggie bag, what would those be?

Treats, the funny furry thing mommy gives me to chew and my bed.


Describe mommy and daddy in 3 words.

Daddy is funny & joyfull! But he is also sloppy (sometimes he forgets to feed me!)

Mommy is really loving and preoccupied, but sometimes she is a bit bossy.


And yourself?

Hoomans say I’m adorable, but I’m fragile too. And I’m sporty.


If you could be President of the world what 3 things would you change?

I would regulate better the adoption and buying process of pets, so the owners prove they really love them.

I would also change the rules for the ones who harm the pets.

And treats for everyoneeee!


You are still very young, but do you think about becoming a mommy one day?

Mommy really wants to be a grandmother, but I think that she would keep all of the babies for herself and then I would have to share the love mommy gives to me….


Or a sister?

I have two half-brothers, don’t you know? They are cats but we play all day. I also have 4 cousins at my grandpawrents house and love them!


And now mommy and daddy.


What is the most challenging part about being a doggie pawrent?

I would say the most challenging part is not running out of patience and never forgetting that their mistakes are our fault.




Is Tutti your first child?

Tutti is our 3rd furr child, but the first dog!


Does she sleep with you in the bed?

Guilty as charged! Tutti’s bed is in our bedroom, and she manages to crawl to our bed in the middle of the night without awakening us. When we notice she is in our bed we cannot take her off.


What is the one thing that makes you laugh the most about her character?

Tutti is really funny because she is the worst in calculating distances so many times she attempts to jump and fails and fall. And she still doesn’t understand windows so many times she just bumps with the head. We try not to laugh, but it is really funny.


Did she ever break something or was naughty?

I think she never broke anything, but she steals underwear… and then she destroys it! We now have to be extra careful with our closet so she doesn’t pick more socks.


Are you planning on having more ‘kids’?

Of course! You can never have just one dog, right?


If you could give advise to new dog parents, what would you tell them?

This one is easy… Read! Listen to podcasts, search for information and please, learn a lot before you get your puppy! I didn’t do this at the time and sometimes feel so guilty that some fears that Tutti have are my fault. We all want balanced dogs, and sometimes we do everything with all our heart but we lack on knowledge.


What you consider the biggest reward about being a dog parent?

You know the moment when you realise you and your dog have your own language? From that moment on you can just communicate with the eyes and body language, and for me that degree of mutual knowledge is just beautiful. And then, the puppy eyes….


Thank you Tutti and family. We wish you a wooferful Summer.



Learn more about Tutti’s adventures on Instagram @ tutti_the_iggy

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