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Alexander Romero

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Alexander Romero
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Alexander Romero grew up in Golden, Colorado. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, he was always fascinated with nature and spent most of his time outside playing and exploring away from home. Physical activity was a major part of his childhood that transformed into a whole body art practice.

His first introduction to art was through encouragement from a high school drawing teacher. He became completely intrigued with the idea of creating something that no one had control over. Art instilled him with the freedom to explore outside concepts from within. During school, Alexander was fortunate enough to complete a residency program in Fukuoka, Japan, where he found inspiration that developed into backbone of his work. The hyper-realistic sugar rush that underlies Japanese sub-culture had a profound impact on his practice.

Alexander has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking. Since receiving his degree, he decided move to New York City. He now has a studio in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He practices his art everyday and continues to challenge himself within the confines of fine art.

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