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Cooka's Crew

Baking on the west-coast of Europe, with heaps of love for our dogs everywhere

Our Founder


From Rebel to Chef

Cooka is the BOSS (and a Rebel with paws)

She loves being in the kitchen and never tires of trying out new recipes. Sometimes, after a long baking session you can find her deep asleep on the kitchen floor, but don’t tell, she won’t like it.

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Co-Founder & Cooka's mommy


From cat-walk to pet-talk.

Aline is the Heart and Soul of Cooka’s.

Being the mom of such head-strong Weimaraner is not always easy, but she manages quite well and always knows how to balance hard work and fun. She sometimes shares Cooka’s basket for a quick cuddle-nap, but pssst, that’s not to be repeated.

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Chief Cookie Tester


Where are my cookies?

Alex is our Chief Cookies Tester

This wasn’t an official job, it just happened. One long night, when we just started our venture, we were trying a new recipe at home and too tired to clean up we left the treat-filled tray on the kitchen counter. To our shock, all cookies were missing the next morning and we were sure to blame one of our furry babies. That’s when Alex walked in, all smiles and beams, excited about those delicious cookies I had left for ‘him’! 

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Chief of Sales & Communications


'Doglish' is my favourite language

​​​​​​​Graca is our big secret at Cooka’s, because she knows to speak dog. No kidding.

Animal Whisperer would be the correct description someone known to speak 'cat' and 'horse', 'goat' and 'sheep' and sometimes even 'snake' (apparently not so easy to communicate with). This is a true benefit in a company where the Founder is known to bark sometimes and then only Graca’s multilingual gifts can get everyone out of the ‘dog-house’. When Graca is not smoothing barking CEO’s she takes awesome photos of anything nature.

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Vet & Nutritional Adviser

Dr. John

Dedicated vet from day one

Dr. John has been Cooka’s dedicated Vet from start, providing valuable help and advice as a consultant, medical adviser and most important nutrition-specialist.

John’s vast knowledge on pet-nutrition was crucial for the creation of our recipes, as we didn’t just want yummy treats, but also healthy and well-balanced ones. Cooka admires his dedication to our furry companions, as no matter what time of day or night, if an animal is in trouble, John will be there. Dr. John is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), European Society of Veterinary Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN) and of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN). 

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TCM Practitioner & Responsible for 'Ommm' at work


Love is the answer!

Sissa is the healing source at Cooka’s. One literally can feel the 'Ommm', when she ‘floats’ in.

There are times when our companions need science and modern medicine, but there are also occasions when drugs don’t work and TCM combines ancient knowledge of herbal medicine with acupuncture, energy healing and massage. Sissa is a licensed TCM practitioner and spends her time between Portugal and China where she constantly studies new ways of healing and the power of the world’s biggest pharmacy: Nature.

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Cookas Best Friends

The Furry 5

A 'Whooof' from The Furry 5

The Furry Five are Cooka’s best friends and accomplices in all kind of mischief.

They like to hang around the bakery to ‘help’, but that of course is just an excuse. Helping means basking in the sun, stealing cookies from the counter and waiting for the sound of Senhor Nuno's truck, as our meat merchant always brings a few extra bones. When they are not busy munching or sunbathing they are trying to lure Cooka away from work, the Furry Five could really be called the Terrible Five. But hey, what can we do, cause aren’t they just the cutest?

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"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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