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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many treats can I give to my dog?

    Cooka’s guidelines

    Our guidelines are up to 5 dog treats for small breeds. Up to 8 treats for medium breeds and up to 12 for large breeds.

    But how many treats you can share with your pet, depends on many factors like: weight, level of activity, breed of dog, overall health and age.

    And most importantly… Was he or she a good boy/good girl? If the answer is YES, then Cooka believes a few extra treats are absolutely allowed. Since our treats are wholesome, nutritious and super healthy, they could be considered more of a healthy snack than a cookie.

    Always make sure your dog has fresh water available.

  • Should I use your cookies if my vet persists to only use common pet-food brands, even for treats?

    Many vets have their preferred choice of pet-food companies, just like us being in favour of a certain brand for our meals. But there is no problem for a dog to try new foods. It is actually encouraged by many nutritionists and Vets.

    Our vet and pet-nutritionist

    All recipes for Cooka’s cookies have been created with the knowledge and experience of our Vet and pet-nutritionist Dr. John Papakonstantis and are 100% approved for a healthy dog snack.

  • Your cookies are tested on humans? Is that really true?

    Absolutely. Cooka’s cookies are made with 100%natural and human-grade ingredients, baked in a real kitchen, just as if we were baking for people.

    We always taste our latest batch, making sure our dog treats are as cookalicious as we promise. Alex, our Chief Cookie Tester, is a huge fan as he tries to avoid salt, sugar and gluten and he just adores that special crunch. The only drawback with our ‘CCT” (Chief Cookie Tester) he can never stop ‘testing’…

  • Why are Cooka's cookies more expensive?

    The answer is simple. We only bake the best! By using the same quality ingredients, as we do for ourselves, we make sure that our furry families receive a superior treat. Our meat is REAL, human-grade and always freshly prepared. We will never bake with meat meals nor any meat byproducts which of course would reduce cost considerably. Our flour is of high-grade quality, the same flour used by our local bakeries and restaurants. We only work with fresh or frozen whole-fruit and vegetables and never settle for powdered low-cost produce. And of course our cookies are baked by hand, daily in a people’s kitchen, to ensure freshness and to fill them with an extra portion of LOVE.

  • Are Cooka's cookies suitable for dogs with allergies?

    At Cooka’s we don’t use wheat or gluten grains, which have become a well known allergen in the Canine world (just like for humans). We only bake with rice flour, which is a neutral grain, easily digestible and not know to cause allergic reactions. Other common allergens are dairy, beef, eggs, chicken, corn and soya. Both corn and soya often come from genetically modified crops, which may cause additional health concerns in our pets. Allergies are typically caused by the proteins found in these foods, which trigger a false immune response. To determine the true cause of your pet’s allergy, it is best to follow an elimination diet, preferably with the supervision of your vet. Once the offending foods have been isolated you can feed your furry baby a specialized diet.

    It is also important to distinguish between a food allergy and a food intolerance. A food intolerance, most often caused by additives, artificial flavors and colors or spoiled products will cause tummy troubles, loose stools or vomiting. A true allergy however can be identified by skin problems, like severe itching and rashes, hair loss and recurring ear infections.

    At Cooka’s we don’t use any GMO foods, nor soy or corn products. And of course, you won’t find any taste-enhancers, artificial flavors or preservatives, fillers, colorants, or other byproducts and nasties that may cause health concerns for our furry family members.

  • I would like to feed my dog food and treats from one company. Do you have your own pet food?

    At the moment Cooka’s only offers dog treats and special occasion dog cakes. However, we are already inquiring about the production of honest and natural food.

    Since many costumers are requesting it, we promise it will be step two.

  • How long do Cooka’s cookies last?

    The shelf life of our cookies is up to two years, if stored in a dark and cool place.

    You may ask how something 100% natural can last that long?

    The secret lies in the art of baking.

    Our cookies are baked at low heat for a much longer period of time, which gently removes the humidity. One can compare this process to dehydrating, a food preserving technique mastered long ago by our ancestors. Low heat baking is also preferred to retain higher proportions of vitamins, which are highly heat sensitive.

    Another ‘secret’ to preserve our treats without artificial ingredients is rosemary extract, a natural antioxidant which is known to prevent oils and fats from going rancid.
    But, we are confident that it will be absolutely impossible to test the duration of Cooka’s cookies, cause once your furry baby has tried just one, he or she will beg for more…

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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