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Cooka always hopes for zero returns!

At Cooka’s Cookies we strive for happy costumers and lots of wagging tails.

As such we always hope for zero returns.

However, in case you or your pup are not satisfied with our products, we offer the following return options when these circumstances apply:


The product has a defect or has been damaged during shipping:

These products may be immediately returned to Cooka’s Cookies in a box with interior protection, so that the goods do not move inside the box. Cooka’s Cookies will refund the shipping cost for damaged goods.

When the product has been damaged during transportation we need you to contact us immediately by email at:, so we can alert our shipping provider.

Likewise, in order to expedite the return process, we would be grateful if you could send us photographs of the damaged article and its packaging in the part where the damage was done, as well as the barcode of the article – if applicable. Yoyu can email the photos to

Before opening the product, we recommend that you verify that the packaging matches your order: model, color, measurement, finish, etc. And make an immediate complaint in case of an anomaly. If you notice any differences before opening the product, we kindly ask that you don’t open the seal or packaging of the same and that you inform us via email at immediately.



The customer benefits from a period of five days, from the date of receipt of the articles to return the order without any reasoning or penalty, except where applicable, the cost of transportation involved. The period referred to in the previous number shall run from the receipt of the merchandise or acceptance of the offer of services. The right of return can be exercised by contacting the company by e-mail to

In case of exercise of the right of return, only the value of the articles must be returned and not any transportation costs previously borne by the Customer.

Returns of products can only be made if they are in their original condition and complete (packaging, accessories, manuals, etc.), so that they can be resold as new; they should, if possible, be accompanied by a copy of the sales receipt.

The return costs arising from the exercise of the right of withdrawal will be the responsibility of the buyer.






Contact for returns:


All product returned must be delivered to the following address:

Travessa da Lapa 19, Cabriz, 2710-118 SINTRA




Last update: November 2018
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