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Summer is here

How to keep our pets cool and safe

The hot weather arrived in full force. We know that humans can adapt and find ways to stay cool, but our pets depend on us to ensure their well-being during these hot days.



Here are some tips and precautions you should take:

💦 Fresh, plentiful water: Make sure they have access to fresh, clean water at all times. Change the water frequently to keep it fresh and pleasant.

🐾 Walks at the right time: Avoid walking during the hottest times of the day. Choose to leave early in the morning or in the late afternoon, when the temperature is milder. Hot asphalt can burn their sensitive paws. Check the temperature of the asphalt. To do this, just test it with the palm of your hand, if it burns on contact, it means it is not safe for them.

🏖️ Shade and shelter: Make sure your pet has a cool, shady place to rest. If he stays in the backyard, make sure there is adequate shelter to protect him from the sun. If possible, try to bring him indoors during the hottest times of the day.

💦 Refresh them: Some options are:
– put a wet towel on the floor for them to lie down or use a refreshing mat;
– use an inflatable pool so they can cool off;
– Serve a fresh and cold meal or even prepare some natural ice cream;
⚠️ Remember! Never leave your pet alone near water (like : swimming pools, sea or river) as safety is essential.

🏋️ Watch out for exercise: During intense heat, it’s important to decrease the intensity and duration of exercises. Avoid strenuous activities and opt for lighter and more fun games indoors.

Important notes:
⚠️ Beware of heat strokes, if you feel that your pet has symptoms of: Fatigue; very hot body (hyperthermia); Difficulty breathing; Excess panting; a bluish tongue, vomiting, diarrhea ➡️ see your veterinarian urgently.
⚠️ Never leave your pet inside the car. Inside the vehicles the temperature is still higher than the ambient temperature and this is a great danger.

Don’t forget, our pets are part of the family, we have to protect them from the heat and make sure they are always safe and happy. “

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