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Why dogs are better humans

Did you ever catch yourself thinking:
“I prefer to hang out with my animals than with humans?” 
Do not worry, you are not alone!


Here are our top 10 reasons why animals are often
better than humans.

1. Animals are our life coach, our best friend, our personal trainer and often our psychologist.

2. Unlike humans, they’re always there for us when we need them. Yes, regardless of how fat, stupid or ugly we feel that day…our pets just love us, just the way we are.

3. They will always make us smile, no matter how bad we are feeling.

4. Animals will never judge us. 

5. Animals offer us peace and quiet in a very busy world. Unlike humans they don’t have this urge of talking and talking.

6. Animals can be trusted with our deepest secrets. No matter how shocking it may be, those secrets will always be safe with our animal friends.

7. Unless we are talking about their food, animals are not selfish. They consider us humans their everything and such is the joy the moment we return home.

8. Animals will never lie to us. Their hearts are too pure.

9. No bad vibes. They can never kill our good mood by nagging or complaining. They’re just always happy, like a furry sunshine!

10. Spending time with animals is good for our health! It lowers our blood pressure and calms us. (cannot be said about many humans)


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