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What dogs can teach us

Have you ever marvelled about the ways our fur-kids can teach us so much? Without even trying, without talking, by just being there we can learn from them…These are our top doggie lessons!



Yes, our kids do  remember  IMPORTANT things like where are my treats, where is my favourite sofa, it is almost time for dinner….but they only access this information when it is needed – in the moment. But whether they’re eating a bowl of kibble or chasing a ball, dogs live for the NOW. The past is gone, because really, you can’t do anything about it. And the future? A big unknown. So the only thing that matters is the now. Let’s all start living the moment, the now!


Fight your fears with LOVE
There are plenty of stories about frightened or even aggressive dogs who transformed into kind and gentle fur-kids once they found a loving place to call home. Dogs can overcome their fear and insecurities through love, and so can we! Love does conquer all, but the first step for ‘hoomans’ is to love ourselves. If we manage to replace our fears and doubts with self-love, no matter what happens in life, things will be much easier…


Not sure what is a grudge? Grudge: a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury. Humans are probably the only species that likes to hold a grudge. Or did you ever notice your dog to be angry with you because you didn’t give a treat last night? There might be a begging big puppy eye look, but thats all. No making faces the next morning, no cold shoulders, no barks or bites. It is these grudges that weigh us down emotionally and keeps us from moving forward in life. So let’s all degrudge!


Dogs just love to play, which usually involves lots of running, chasing or jumping. This is a good reminder for us to play and move our bodies every day, as playing opens up our minds and spirits to all kinds of new ideas and creativity. It’s a needed break from the constant 24/7 of every-day life, it is a reminder of not to forget that we are all just grown up kids.  Our dogs actually give us a reason to get active and go walking, hiking, running, biking, swimming or even rollerblading… Whatever you like to do, for sure your fur-child will eagerly follow steps. There is simply put, no better personal trainer available!




Have you ever noticed your kid circling or jumping with joy when really happy? Wouldn’t it be fun if we all would just jump around when we’re excited or really happy? We live life so fast that we often forget to get excited and celebrate those little joyous moments, because we’re already on to the next thing. Or we need to post about it on Social Media, which takes half the fun out already… So, let’s all be kids again and  do the jumpies! By the way, at Cooka’s we love to jump so much that we bought a giant trampoline for all the family. Especially Sherlock goes crazy from joy when we are reaching for the sky…


Can you imagine Cooka to wish she was a Dalmation (she does admire their beauty) or Sherlock to envy the moustache of a Schnauzer? We hoomans spend too much time trying to make ourselves look like someone else instead of loving our unique selfs. Comparing constantly has become even more of an issue with the rise of Social Media. Taller, bigger, blonder, darker, rounder… It is endless! Let’s stop to compare and celebrate who we are. Everyone is special, everyone is beautiful, everyone is unique! Just like our fur kids!


When dogs go for a car ride, they just love to stick their head out the window and smell the air and feel the wind against their fur. (unless your pup gets car sick of course) Doggies don’t care where they’re going, they’re just enjoying the journey and that is OH SO EXCITING.  Hoomans instead just focus on the arrival, busy dreaming up what will be when we get there, but we totally forget that the journey is part of that adventure. So next time you are going on a trip, don’t forget to play dog! Stick that head out and smell and feel the air. Now, isn’t that fun?


Our kids instinctively know when their bodies need water. They usually also stop eating when they’re full (at least most dogs do). It’s a good reminder for us to drink more WATER and listen to our body when we are thirsty. And in fact, drinking water when we feel hungry is good for weight management, as water can fill us up and make us feel full. 




Dogs are pack animals. They stick with their pack, they play with their pack, they defend their pack. Do we hoomans always stick up for our packs? By being a loyal and honest friend, lover, sibling, partner or parent we will enrich our lives in many ways.


No matter what happens, our dogs just love us unconditionally. They wag their tails when they see us, no matter what mood you’re in, no matter if you forgot to bring a treat. Every time they see us, they want to give a big wet kiss and get a cuddle. And if you are upset at them? Scolded them? They almost instantly will forgive you no matter what. Loving others this unconditionally is not easy, but it might be the easiest solution for a pawfect world.

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"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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