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New Year’s Resolutions 2022

2021 is already on the way out and here we are looking back on yet another challenging year. If 2021 was a dog, it would be a puppy with a pretty bad temper. A bit like 2020, just a bit more naughty, as it sometimes it behaves so nice, that one almost believes it…And then…puffff, another broken shoe or ‘alien invasion’ in the kitchen… But, with everything in life, there are stages and even the most naughty puppy will grow up.

So dear 2022 – please be a grown-up puppy and show us some LOVE. We are here for you, waiting eagerly to take you on walks and adventures and of course, lots of cuddles and cookies along the road.

We also came up with some New Year’s resolutions, inspired by our fur-kids. Let’s see if we keep our promise!

  1. Go for more walkies and stop to sniff the flowers. (no need to pee on them)
  2. Don’t attack the mail man, you need him!
  3. Farting is not bad, it is just part of life…(well…)
  4. Nap more. The importance of sleep can not be underestimated.
  5. Get excited and be grateful about your meals. (no matter how boring they may be)
  6. Cuddle more. Yes, it does release happy hormones.
  7. Do more yoga – downward dog should be a daily pose.
  8. Stretch when you get up. 
  9. Use your nose more often. If something does not smell right, don’t go for it!
  10. Jump more! Remember the times we were kids? We jumped all the time…
  11. Lick your wounds. It is better than any chemical antiseptic.
  12. Do more gardening. Digging in Earth is good for you.




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