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Let’s talk a little about gastric torsion? A situation we went through recently…


What is gastric torsion?
It happens when the stomach turns around and becomes twisted, preventing gastric emptying.



Consequences of Gastric Torsion?
It impedes the normal blood circulation of the gastric wall and associated organs, which can lead to their necrosis. The animal’s entire organism is compromised (lack of blood for the organs), causing it to go into shock and may die.



Why are we addressing this issue?
Our Sherlock was a victim of this condition and therefore, we want to warn you as much as possible.
Mainly sharing so that you can avoid or detect it in time.



What are the warning signs?
– Breathing difficulty;
– Excessive salivation;
-Attempt to want to vomit without being able to produce vomit;
– Pale mucous membranes;
-Distended and hard abdomen (looks like a balloon);
-Curved spine and reticence to lie down



How to avoid?
– Do not give food in large quantities. Split meals several times a day. Thus, the amount ingested at one time is reduced;
– Do not allow the animal to drink large amounts of water at once, especially after the meal;
– Avoid exercise after meals (such as jumping and running). Ideally, the animal should do this only 2 to 3 hours after a meal.
– Avoid feeds with a high fermentation rate (rich in carbohydrates).



What to do at the first signs?
Go to a Veterinary Hospital (with an operating room) as son as you could. This condition can only be solved with surgery.

WARNING THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY! If the animal is not rescued, it can die in a matter of 6 to 12 hours.

The more time passes before surgery is performed, the lower the chances of survival.

Note: Large and giant breeds, particularly those with deep chests, are more prone to this condition.


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