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A mermaid with paws

Dear fur-friends, we are so excited to interview our June girl – Ariel. This beautiful lady is actually a mermaid in disguise, but wait to hear and find out more…


Ariel, please tell us, does your name have any special meaning? What’s the inspiration behind it?

Yes, since I’m the princess/mermaid here at home, it could only be Ariel. 🙈



Do you have any nicknames?

Yes, but only sometimes .. (when I misbehave), I become Ariel Maria, counts? 🤭


When were you born? And where?

I was born on May 26, more precisely in Cantanhede.


Do you remember the moment you met mom/daddy for the first time?

Yes, on that day there was only my mom, grandma and grandpa and they chose me to be part of their lives. I love them.



What was your first thought when you noticed that your pawrents have no paws and do not barks or have hairy fur and tail?

Yes, it was weird. But I was happy, because they were the ones who would take very good care of me for the rest of my life. And now here I am with them having a princess life. 🤣


Your parents are hoomans, but if they were also hairy, what kind of race would they be?

French Bouledogue like me!


Would they be good puppies? Or naughty?

They would be very, very good. They’re the best.



Does your hooman ever annoy you? 

Yes, mom constantly annoys me, when she walks with that electronic thing, the vacuum cleaner! I don’t like at all.. 😮‍💨


Now talking about food… What do you eat regularly?

Oh, food 🫠 my lunches and dinners are regular kibble, but of course there is once in a while times when mom puts leftovers in my food and i love it 😋


What is your favourite food/snack “guilty pleasure”? 

Fruit with cookies from Cookas, of course! 🤩


Is there anything you really hate eating? 

Yes, usually fish is not for me and everything that contains salmon. But it also depends on the  way it is cooked.


Tell us about your favourites. What’s your favourite place? And what’s your favourite game to play?

My favourite place is the mountain range, also because I live very close to it and it’s always a calmer and  beautiful place, that inspires me. My favourite game is fetch. Mom launches the ball and ingo get it, nonstop. That way I also exercise my paws 😂


How would you describe your perfect day?

The perfect day is when I wake up very early to give mom the “good days” with a lot of cuddles and kisses and have a big walking with lots of fun. 😊


If you could take your holiday backpack, where would you go?

I would go to Switzerland, stretch my paws in those beautiful mountains.



And if you could pack only 3 items in your dog bag, what would they be? 

Depends on where we go… but the 3 most essential would be: Water to hydrate me, snack’s and documentation (always)☺️.


Can you tell us, a funny moment or a strange situation that happened to you?

My life is really made up of funny moments. One of them is when I get caught after doing a mess, I always  face the wall in a corner… as I didn’t do anything wrong 🤓


Do your parents let you sleep in “your basket”?

Yes 😊


When you have those funny dreams in which you kick and bark while you sleep, what are you dreaming about?

I’m dreaming that I’m a professional soccer player complaining to the referee, I can’t control myself in the dream that later I get these tics. 🤡


You can describe mom/dad in 3 words.

Affectionate. Worried. Unique.


What about you? 

Spoiled. Playful. Sleepy.


Do you know you’re adorable?

Yes, I know that many people love and admire me. But I also know that many are jealous. But for those I only say “kiss on the shoulder” 😘



If you could be president of the world, what 3 things would you change? 

We should be able to put our paws everywhere we go, so definitely i would turn the world more pet-friendly. I would also give a home to all animals that don’t know what it’s like to have one. And of course, i would end all the wars.


You are our June dog. Do you like this month? If so, what’s your favourite thing about it?

Yes, I like it! It’s the month when summer begins and also when I bathe more often… I love water. 🤩


What are your dreams for the future?

I wish to continue to have this quality of life, meet more people, friends and more ducks. Also i hope to have more new experiences, like this interview, that I never thought would happen. And i wish to continue to do the work I’ve been doing so far.


Please… tell us a secret, something no one knows about you. 

I don’t like driers at all and that boring thing that humans spend their lives using to clean the house, the vacuum cleaners 🙄


And now mom/dad (questions):


Is Ariel your first fur baby?

No, we already had other animals.


What’s the only thing that makes you laugh more about Ariel?

The way she communicates with us to ask for cookies. When we say certain words like “let’s go outside”, “let’s play?”, she makes very funny expressions with her face, it’s so cute 😊.



Has Ariel ever been naughty? 

Yes, she has already hidden a few times and we called her and she was sitting waiting for us to meet her 😅.


Are you planning to have more ‘fur kids’?

Not at the moment. But in the future yes, I always wanted to have a sister for Ariel.


If you could give advice to the new pawrent dog, what would you say to them?

I would say that you have to be able to receive a dog in your house because he needs a lot of attention and you have to dedicate yourself a lot to him. It’s important to give him all the necessary conditions and to understand all his needs.


What is the most challenging part of being a dog mother/father?

The most challenging is at the beginning, such as teaching routines and commands.. it’s better to teach and put rules at a early age than when he grows up. You just have to be patient.


What do you consider the greatest reward of being a dog parent? 

The biggest reward is really that, simply just being a dog’s mom. I’m very grateful to have her, she’s my shadow. 🤭🥰


Have you ever played any prank to Ariel?

The prank I do the most to her is when I hide and then I start calling her and while she looks for me I appear behind her, she gets so happy and I laugh so hard. We do this for about 1 hour, we love this game.


Can you share an incredible and invaluable moment with Ariel, something you would never forget? 

I think every moment with her is incredible and unforgettable. And the only thing I can share with everyone is that your pet is not just your pet. But yes, your best friend. In many difficult moments, they will wipes your tears. Respect, give a lot of love to your best friend. Play and create unique moments. Always take care of them as they take care of us.



Thanks for this opportunity. Woof you! 

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