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Woof from Co-Founder and Chief Cookie Tester
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Hello friends, I am Alex, Aline’s other half and Cooka’s dad.

I am the Chief Cookie tester at Cooka’s, I think my favorite job so far. You already heard the story, how I emptied a whole tray that night. To my defense, Aline is a great cook and especially her German cookies are a real treat that I (or anyone else I know) can hardly resist. So when I spotted a tray of little heart-shaped biscuits, it never crossed my mind, that they are for our dogs. I admit, I love food and it’s always a battle with those numbers on that troublesome weigh-scale, so I thought Aline had come up with a healthy cookie recipe just for me. Sugar and gluten-free and with a delicious crunch. I got hooked but I don’t bark, yet!

When I am not cookie testing at the bakery, I love taking on challenging projects that involve the big blue. My passion is the sea and I am currently working on changing the way we ship goods across the globe. Our old ways have become way too polluting.

Sherlock, Cooka’s husband/lover/brother/friend is my companion for long walks on the beach or in the hills of Sintra. We make a great team and always understand one another. It is rather amazing, the bond we humans can create with our pets. Sherlock is like the son I never had.

Which makes the message of Cooka’s cookies even stronger, cause pets are part of our family and should be treated as such. At home we share our food, our sofa, our love and often our bed. How much closer can it get?

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"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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