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Cooka's 'Burger Pie' is inspired by our Gourmet Burger treats. This paw-licking cake is baked with more than 70% of freshly prepared pork, also considered a neutral and cooling meat, which makes it suitable even for sensitive doggies. Pork is rich in zinc, a mineral known to protect the brain. We add farm-fresh apples, a great source of fibre and beneficial for digestive balance. Calcium-rich cheese from the Azores islands can promote strong bones and boost a healthy heart. Oats are a gluten-free grain, rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for a shiny coat. Our 'Burger Pie' shown with our 'chocolate frosting', made from banana and carob and sprinkled with crunchy quinoa pops. This pie-shaped cake is pawfect for doggies with a taste for burgers. Single protein cake


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Because we believe in only baking the healthiest, freshest and highest-quality food for your pup… this product is so fresh it can only be collected from Cooka’s Kitchen in Cabriz, Portugal

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The world's most popular meat

In Chinese medicine pork is considered a cooling and neutral food, which may make it a suitable option for dogs with skin sensitivities. Pork is an excellent source of zinc, a mineral important for the body’s natural defence system. At Cooka’s we use pork hearts, as they are superior in nutrition to other muscle meat. Especially rich in B12, a vitamin known to be important for the nervous system and the formation of red blood cells.


This humble disease fighting fruit packs a healthy and nutritional punch for us and for our furry families. R​​​​​​​ich in Vitamin A, apples may boost your pup’s natural defences. Vitamin C can aid healthy bones and muscles and antioxidants are always busy counteracting those cell-damaging free radical. Apples are also a great source of soluble fiber, which contributes to your dog’s digestive health.

At Cooka’s we use fresh farm apples from local suppliers.

Azores Cheese

Many ‘pawrents‘ are worried about feeding diary to their pets. Lactose can be difficult to digest for some dogs and commercial cheese varieties are often loaded with additives. However, a small amount of cheese can be rather beneficial, as it provides a great source of nutrients, like calcium, phosphorus, zinc, Vitamin A and B12 and plenty of protein.

Azores cheese is made traditionally, without any additives or preservatives.

All cakes can be ordered with a choice of our 5 frostings and sprinkled with quinoa pops, oat or coconut flakes:

Chocolate Frosting
Banana and Carob

Tropical Frosting
Coconut and Yoghurt

Emerald Frosting
Spirulina and Yoghurt

Golden Budha Frosting
Curcuma and Yoghurt

Love Blush Frosting
Beetroot and Yoghurt

This product is so fresh it can only be collected from Cooka’s Kitchen in Cabriz, Portugal.

All our barkday cakes are baked daily at low temperature in a people-bakery and of course, always with our own paws.

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