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Pâwté Delight


Cooka's luscious Pâwté Delight is inspired by our Liver Pâté treats. Baked with more than 70% of freshly prepared liver from chicken, beef and pork, this cake is the ultimate delight for the 'caninenoisseurs'. Liver is a true superfood, highly nourishing and yes, utterly yummy. We add fresh apples, rich in fibre and important for the digestive health and mixed berries, little antioxidant powerhouses known to strengthen and defend. Oats, a gentle grain is suitable for even the most sensitive dogs as they are gluten-free. Rich in Omega 6 fatty-acid, oats are also great for the skin and fur. Our Pâwté Delight liver dog cake is shown with our 'Golden Buddha frosting', made from yogurt and turmeric and sprinkled with crunchy oat flakes.  

Mixed protein cake

This pâté-style barkday cake is perfect for the true 'caninenoisseurs'.                  
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The forgotten super meat

Once considered a special treat with exceptional health benefits one rarely finds liver on today’s menu. Time to rethink, as liver can contain up to 100 times more nutrients than muscle meat. It is also nature’s most abundant source of Vitamin A, in its most bio-available form for carnivores. Extremely rich in B Vitamins, iron, copper, zinc and CoQ10, make it a great addition to any dog’s diet. And yes, dogs just LOVE the taste!


This humble disease fighting fruit packs a healthy and nutritional punch for us and for our furry families. R​​​​​​​ich in Vitamin A, apples may boost your pup’s natural defences. Vitamin C can aid healthy bones and muscles and antioxidants are always busy counteracting those cell-damaging free radical. Apples are also a great source of soluble fiber, which contributes to your dog’s digestive health.

At Cooka’s we use fresh farm apples from local suppliers.


Long considered a Superfood, berries are as good for your furry baby as they are for us. Their highly concentrated antioxidant content may boost the defence system of your dog and help fight the damaging effects of free radicals. Blueberry, the Queen of all berries, may improve mental and support a strong heart. Sounds like a lot of tail wagging coming up!

At Cooka’s we use frozen mixed Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries and Blackberries, as they offer the highest quality, available year around.


Oats were grown already gown in ancient China and Greece. The Greeks were the first people to turn oats into porridge. Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They’re a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of Vitamin E and B, minerals like zinc, iron and selenium, rich in fibres and antioxidants. The many health-benefits of these grains include weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart problems. Compared to other grains, oats are rather  high in protein and fat. Protein quality is also an important fact, meaning that that it can be easily digested and used by the body and provides a good balance of amino acids.


Oats can be a good source of nutrition for pets who have a dietary sensitivity to gluten. At Cooka’s we love that oats currently do not undergo any genetic engineering or modification. We hope this will stay like this…

All cakes can be ordered with a choice of our 5 frostings and sprinkled with quinoa pops, oat or coconut flakes:

Chocolate Frosting
Banana and Carob

Tropical Frosting
Coconut and Yoghurt

Emerald Frosting
Spirulina and Yoghurt

Golden Budha Frosting
Curcuma and Yoghurt

Love Blush Frosting
Beetroot and Yoghurt

This product is so fresh it can only be collected from Cooka’s Kitchen in Cabriz, Portugal.

All our barkday cakes are baked daily at low temperature in a people-bakery and of course, always with our own paws.

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