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Wonder Box – Barkday Special


Cooka's Barkday Box is made to order for your pup's special day. Each Box includes one cake (Medium), four Brigadeiros, one personalised cookie, one celebratory hat or crown, a candle, a Barkday note from Cooka and heaps of kisses and nuzzles from our kitchen.   Choose your favourite taste, shape and frosting from our Cake menu. Brigadeiros will be a choice of different meat flavours.      

Shipping now available. Please contact us for more information


This product is collection only

Because we believe in only baking the healthiest, freshest and highest-quality food for your pup… this product is so fresh it can only be collected from Cooka’s Kitchen in Cabriz, Portugal

All cakes can be ordered with a choice of our 5 frostings and sprinkled with quinoa pops, oat or coconut flakes:

Chocolate Frosting
Banana and Carob

Tropical Frosting
Coconut and Yoghurt

Emerald Frosting
Spirulina and Yoghurt

Golden Budha Frosting
Curcuma and Yoghurt

Love Blush Frosting
Beetroot and Yoghurt

This product is so fresh it can only be collected from Cooka’s Kitchen in Cabriz, Portugal.

All our barkday cakes are baked daily at low temperature in a people-bakery and of course, always with our own paws.

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