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New Year’s Resolutions

Inspired by our fur-kids

2020 has been a challenging year. If we talk dog, 2020 was a VERY VERY NAUGHTY puppy and we just wish that the little one is growing into a well-behaved and kinder 2021.

We are in this together and if we stick together, with kindness, respect and care, we will arrive stronger by the end of this year.

And meanwhile, here is some true doggie-wisdom for the year of 2021.


#1 WAG (LAUGH) a lot

Laughing is the best medicine and comes for free! Just think of all the excited wags our fur-kids are sharing with us daily. Imagine each wag as a big burst of laughter. A good giggle can  boost the immune system, by reducing stress hormones and increasing activity among immune cells and antibodies, exactly what we need in times of a pandemic.



#2 STRETCH often

Have you noticed how our pets always take time for a lonnnng stretch after a lay-down? They know the benefits and so should we. Here are just a few bonuses:



#3 GET EXCITED about everything, LIVE IN THE NOW

No matter how often you take your dog for a little walk, on the same road, meeting the same neighbours, stopping for a pee on the same tree. Your dog will be as excited as if it was the first walk ever. This is the secret to a happy life. To find joy in every moment, no matter how often we have been there/done that, as there is always something else to discover. If we just care to see, to feel and to look at moments just like a dog does. As Cesar Milan wrote: “Dogs, on the other paw, live only in the present ‘ in the moment.



#4 NAP – yes, siesta time!

We often wonder how much sleeping a dog can do. Well, but there has to be something said about naps. Even for us hoomans, those little ‘resters’ offer plenty of health benefits:

  • Relaxation.
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • Increased alertness.
  • Improved mood.
  • Improved performance, including quicker reaction time and better memory.


Dog treats by Cooka's Cookies


#5 DON’T WORRY what others think of you

Yes, one important lesson from our pets – do not care what ‘they’ think. You are you and no matter what, YOU are SPECIAL. Funny, shy, cute, goofy, lazy, wild, fat, skinny, short, tall…IT IS ALL OKAY, so embrace it.




We all know that ‘guilty’ look when the kids yet again destroyed something dear to us. That little look says: I am so sorry mommy. The tail goes down, the belly goes up and those cute eyes just beg us for forgiveness. No matter if you have paws or feet, we all ‘mess up’ sometimes, and if it happens there is no shame in saying I AM SORRY. Those 3 little words can fix most situations and are almost as powerful as I LOVE YOU.




What might be a simple walk for us, is often a real adventure hike for our pups. Jumping here, circling there. No walk is just a walk and all this jumping, playing, running is like a serious work-out, even though it looks like a game. Kids are equally good in this. Let’s all be kids again and make a work-out just a day of play!


Jumping with Sherlock



Our dogs are ‘serial be-frienders’. No matter how much barking happens at the first encounter with a new fur-child, after a round of woofs and wags dogs easily make friends and start playing together. Why it takes us so long? Wouldn’t it be fun if we were just to meet people and after few ‘woofs’ we start hanging out? Being a dog-pawrent we have learned the ease of meeting in the park with other paw-pals, but why not make this the new norm for al hoomans?




Our pets often teach us the meaning of true loyalty. When everyone else is gone they still stay by our sides, in life and often even in death. And it absolutely is much more than just a connection to the one that feeds them. How many times can you remember when you were unwell and it was your paw-friend that seemed to have a deep sense of empathy and LOVE and stayed by our side throughout the whole time?




Oh yes…being patient is a hard one for us hoomans. We can never get anything done fast enough, we are always in a hurry and if it is not happening NOW, we get cranky or even give up from that dream. To understand the meaning of patience I only have to think of our Sherlock, who patiently sits on the dinner table with us. We though him a special trick called ‘table’ which means he has front feet on the table, sitting upright and gentleman-like – waiting for his bite. I am a verrrrrry slow eater and now matter how long I might take, there he is, sitting patiently, now and then ogling me with his big kind eyes, but always waiting. He knows that extra bite always reserved for him will come his way, sooner or later – no matter when – as time has no meaning to him, since he knows the secret of patience…




A walkies, a cuddle, a cookie, a little sweet name-calling, a steak… – no matter what sort of attention we are bestowing on our fur-kids, they are always grateful. They do not judge the size or the cost of that gift, they are just grateful. Let’s all be grateful. For every-little-thing. To start the New Year we actually made a grateful list here at Cooka’s and here are a few of our MOST GRATEFUL for:

And with this: Wishing everypawdy a healthy, happy and tail-wagging 2021


Jumping with Sherlock


Your Aline











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