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New Year’s resolutions for loving pawrents


HAPPY 2020 to all our fur-friends and their pawrents. May this year be blessed with tail-wags, licks, adventures and plenty of healthy cookies

January is always the time we sit back to reflect and to plan the year ahead with new goals. From signing up to a gym, to eaten less junk-food, there are plenty of resolutions we make for us. But how about for our kids? Are there any promises you are making for them?

So we asked Cooka what she thinks, should be the goals for GOOD HOOMAN pawrents. Enjoy her thoughts!



1.Promise us more walkies

Rain or shine, we want to be out there! First of all, because we need to move and of course to take care of our ‘business’ (you know). Second we help you to stay healthy and fit and stop staring at these machines with flickering images… Okay, sometimes I watch them too, especially Disney movies, but not ALWAYS. And third, this is a great way for us to have some bonding time. A pack has to stick together!


2. Have more time for us

You are always so busy. With work and friends and these machines you like to touch and stare at, while we are here, right here, yearning for a little touch and a little caress. yes, I understand it must be easy to get distracted in a HOOMAN world, there is always so much going on, but just don’t forget that every time you head out for yet another dinner or trip away from home, we are here missing you and counting the seconds for your return. So please promise us more time for snuggling or just take us along, wherever you go. WE PROMISE TO BEHAVE and not pee on your friends expensive carpet…




3. Please feed us real and healthy food

Since I started my own BARKERY I have learned a lot about the quality of food. I also know that good food is always more costly, just like for hoomans. But this little extra in cost will make a huge difference in our life. Please try to feed us foods that are made from REAL ingredients and preferably HUMAN-GRADE. The more natural, the better.


There is a simple test anyone can do at home, to check the quality of your friend’s treats or kibble. Just drop the food item in a jar of water and watch what happens. If it floats and expands like a sponge, it is very difficult to digest. ‘Floaters’ are mostly made from inexpensive fillers to create a feeling of ‘fullness’ in the tummy. It can cause indigestion and will be most noticeable by our constant need to relieve air. Sorry mommy and daddy, it isn’t our fault! If it drops to the bottom of the glass, it usually means that the ingredients are made from real food, but only if it disintegrates rather swiftly. A high quality cookie/kibble will not stay intact for a long period. Another easy way to know the quality of the food is using your nose. If it smells too much like…mhhh…stink(?)it means it has been sprayed with an ‘enhancer’ that sadly even fools the best of a doggie nose. This scent is irresistible to us dogs, but it is a chemical which is NOT HEALTHY.



4. Take us somewhere new, we LOVE adventures

Are you planning yet another weekend away? Please, please, please find somewhere that will accept us too and bring us along! I have been asking mommy and daddy to see the snow, maybe this year they will finally make my dream come true… (YES COOKA!)



5. We like to meet other doggies too

Even if we bark when meeting other fur-kids, we love to socialise too and usually we all get on. Just like with you HOOMANS, sometimes we might not like the smell of another girl or macho boy, but that is rare occasion and we need to interact with other fur-kids. Unsocialised doggies can become nervous around other animals, and may even get defensive. But this can easily be avoided with plenty of play dates. An afternoon at the doggie park or the beach (my favourite place) is like our Social Media. Only it is real and let’s you take all these goofy pictures of us… (no worry, we don’t mind being media Stars)


6. Yes, we need check-ups too (even though we hate them…)

Just like Hoomans, we do need yearly check-ups to make sure that everything is OKAY. Preferably you find a vet that we really like, you know, one that always speaks softly and has plenty of cookies to sooth us…


7. Did you say SPA-TIME?

We love being pampered and if your doggie has long hair a ‘fur-dresser’ is a must. Don’t wait too long to get long-haired kids groomed, as the knots in their hair can become very painful against their skin. We also like a weekly brushing, as it helps to distribute the oils along our coat. Yes, it makes our fur shine!  And how was this…did you say massage…? There is nothing like a loving rub from mommy or daddy. Just learn to ‘feel’ us, we all have special areas we like to be caressed the most and others we don’t like it at all. 



8. Help homeless kids

If your fur-baby is open to a playmate, than why not adopt a little rescue child? There are thousands of little doggies out there, looking for a loving home. And two dogs are always better than one, especially if you have to work and  the kids often stay home alone. If adoption is not an option, you can assist by donating a little money, food, needed items or even just your time to a local shelter. Helping hands are always welcome and many shelters have ‘open door days’ where you can take some kids for a walk. We currently are helping 5 rescue-associations with the proud aid of our ‘ambassadogs’.  You too can help, just by ordering a box of treats online and choosing your cause. Such little gesture will spread a little happiness to less fortunate doggies and to you too. 


HAPPY 2020 everypawdy. WE WOOF YOU,


Your Cooka



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