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New years for pets

2019 has almost come to an end. Time to reflect, time to be grateful and time to make a bucket list for the 2020 to come. And of course, TIME TO CELEBRATE.

But as much as WE love New Year’s Eve, to our fur-kids this night may seem more like a nightmare, than a joyful celebration. Noisy firework displays that set the sky into sparkling magic can make this night seem terrifying to most animals. We know that many pets are afraid of thunderstorms, so just imagine the impact of fireworks!




So here are Cooka’s  top tips for making New Year’s Eve a wonderful celebration for all the family.


1. Never leave your pets outside the house on New Year’s eve

Before festivities begin, bring pets inside and ensure that your house is safe and secure.


2. Provide a safe haven

Make sure your kids feel safe and protected throughout the night. To muffle the ‘monster’ sounds, close your windows, draw the curtains and put some soothing radio. (We love Smooth Fm❤️) Make sure your friend has a cozy place to cuddle up and hide. Try not to fuss over them too much, as this will only make the situation seem like a bigger deal and may encourage their fearful behaviour. Be cheerful and happy, to show that all is well. A great way is to create some distractions with toys, games, activities and of course yummy treats so that they can associate the scary noises with something positive.



3. Do not underestimate panic mode in your kids

Some pets can become so spooked they will do anything to escape — including bolting over high fences and even through glass windows, so keep this in mind and make sure your property is escape-proof.


4. Lost and Found

Just in the unlikely case your fur-child does run away to hide from the monster noise, make sure that they are easily identifiable (microchip, collar with their name and your phone number)


5. Get the kids exhausted throughout the day

Take your pup for a nice long walk and engage them in a lot of play during the day. So more exhausted they are, so more likely they sleep early later on.



Don’t tie your doggie with a leash, chain or rope as they can choke and or get seriously injured if they become panicky.



7. Get a pup-sitter

If you are going out to celebrate, it is best to have a friend stay with your pets. Having someone familiar around, will comfort our kids on such a stressful night.


8. Herbal remedies

If no cuddles or comforting words seem to sooth the fear of your child, try some relaxing herbs. Chamomile, lavender or CBD oil are Cooka’s favourite ways to relax. Lavender and chamomile can be brewed into a strong tea and added to their favourite food. CBD oil (available in pharmacies or health-food shops) should not be heated and can be mixed with a bit of honey or coconut oil and given directly. (Please check label for more instructions)



And the best way to celebrate with the fur-family in style? Cooka’s delicious Bolo Rei and a bottle of Rose. 



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