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Keeping our dogs safe in the dark

It is the time of the year when the darkness arrives way too early. But usually our kids don’t mind if night or day, and if the ‘necessity’ calls, pawrents need to go out, no matter if late, if cold or if dark. Unlike hoomans, dogs can see extremely well at night, but more important – they must be seen too, especially if we live in busy areas with plenty of traffic.

Here are Cooka’s favourite night-time safety ideas for our kids


Reflective vests. These are the most easy and most fashionable way to keep the kids safe in the dark and well visible to approaching cars and bikes. Best part – we can wear our own vest and match!

Reflective collars. Another easy and suitable option, but less powerful than the vests. Make sure the collar is wide enough to make a real impact. Cooka does not recommend this option for long haired doggies.

Reflective leash. Matching with a collar this makes a great and effective set. Just make sure the kids stay on the leash…

Safety LED. These fun little lights hook to the collar and come in many different shades. Our kids wear them for night walkies and we really love them. Each one has their own colour, blue for Sherlock, orange for Cooka and pink for Moca. They are tiny and not very heavy, so they don’t disturb and can emit a rather bright light.



So keep safe everypawdy. And don’t forget to tell mommy and daddy, that you always deserve a cookalicious treat after such adventures. 


Lots of Love,


Your Cooka






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