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How to keep our pets happy & safe

During the Corona-Crisis

Dear friends.

We hope you are keeping up okay with everything that is going on. These are unprecedented times and we all must now step back and take a break from comforting normality. It won’t be easy, but if we all work on this TOGETHER, this storm will pass and the sun will shine again.

While staying home and keeping safe, might sound like a lot of fun at first, it can also be a challenge, especially for parents. No matter if you have ‘hooman’ children or fur-children, those kids need stimulation, they need to stay busy and active. Not easy if your space is limited and access to the road is denied.

So how can we keep the kids safe and happy under the current quarantine?



First of all, let us please remind everypawdy: OUR PETS DO NOT TRANSMIT CONVID-19, neither will they get sick from this viral spread. There has been that case in Hong Kong, where a pomeranian tested weakly positive due to contamination around his mouth or nose from his coronavirus-suffering mommy. He was taken away from his owner and put under quarantined, where he tested negative. Sadly, he died once he was released back home, most likely from the stress of being away from home…



So no, there is no evidence that our pets can contract or spread the virus and that also means that quarantining them is an unnecessary and mostly unkind measure.

What remains uncertain however, is if pets can carry the virus on their fur in the same way that the virus could live on surfaces for up to five days. We still have a lot to learn about the behaviour of this virus, so caution is a good idea. There are healthy habits everyone can follow in their everyday life with a pet, including washing your hands after cuddling or playing with them.

If you do get sick with coronavirus, it would be wise to restrict contact with your pets, the same as you would with other humans.



NO! Using medical masks on our pets, even just ‘for fun’ can be dangerous and cause harm and stress to them and please consider that they are essential supplies needed at our hospitals.



Keeping your pets eating well and on a nourishing diet is a recommendation for maintaining their good health in general.That is even more important now, when activities become limited and everyone spends more time indoors. Supermarkets are rapidly selling out on household essentials like toilet paper and while we do not agree on ‘craze-shopping’, it’s important to check on your pet food supply to ensure you have at least a couple of weeks’ worth of food and of course some health-boosting treats like our superfood-supplement Barkissinis.

Yes, Cooka’s still ships and in just 24h, your dog’s favourite treats will be delivered to your door.




Whether you’re home-working now or you might be feeling sick, there are plenty of options for keeping our pets busy and entertained. And unlike us hoomans, they usually are very happy with little things to be excited.


How to keep the feline kids happy

Does your feline friend loves playing in boxes? Then get creative and recycle those latest online order boxes for the little kitten. Another fun cat distractor: A DIY liquid food puzzle. Just drop a cat treat into a small cup, preferably unbreakable and deep, so that her/his face cannot fit easily, and let them figure out how to fish out the food with a paw. You could also re-excite any old toy new by spraying it with a catnip spray. Cats just go wild for that scent. 



If you like to join the fun with your kitten, how about you string up an old toy, a feather or a ball of foil to a yard stick and go “cat fishing”. And don’t forget how easily cats can be amused with a laser pointer. There are some apps now that turn your phone into a makeshift pointer, the perfect game to keep that kitty hunting up and down the apartment.


How to keep the wag for the canine friends

For bored and affection-starved pups, consider a DIY scavenger hunt. Just hide some cookalicious treats around house and let the hunt begin. You can also give them the remains of an empty yogurt(no flavours) or peanut butter (no salt) jar. Or how about fill a hollowed-out dog bone with their favourite food (Cooka loves pureed liver with sweet potato) and freeze it for a makeshift Kong toy. Or best –  just get a kong toy – hopefully your dogs are unlike our kids, who like digging them into the garden and then they are just…gone…

Another long-lasting chew treat we lately discovered is the Himalayan Dog Chew, which tastes like cheese and is made with yak and cow milk. Your dog will only be able to scrape off a little bit at a time, providing hours of enjoyment.



Social distancing still allows us to go outside and take the doggies for a walk, as long as we maintain two meters  of distance from others and make sure you keep your pup from getting too excited and starts jumping up to anyone you may encounter. These little walks are great for you and your pet, boosting the overall mood.

If your pup likes ‘fetch’, this is a perfect game, even played at home. Trending on Social Media right now, is fetch the empty toilet paper roll! 

If you have a more active dog who enjoys a game of tug-of-war, just use an old washcloth or towel to get into the mood. 

And then…there is of course always that ever-loved tummy rub and a cuddle-in on the sofa.


Be safe everypawdy. We can do this. TOGETHER, one paw a time and soon this will have passed…


Love, your Cooka


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