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Simao the Beagle

I want to help Feeling Animals raise 200€, so they can help families to keep their pets

Meet Cooka's Ambassadog

Best known for:
Lisboa’s favourite guide

Loves to:
Cuddle in mommy’s lap and visit new places

Secret nickname:

My number 1 place to be:
Jardim do Campo

I want to help:
Feeling Animals because they help families to keep their pets

My mommy:
Cooka asked me to describe my mommy, mhhhh…she is amorous, protective and so funny (and other hoomans also comment on her beauty!)


Hello, my name is Simao and you might know me, as I am Lisboa’s true ambassadog!

My mom always tells me that it took her 14 years to get a Simão into her life, but when she found me only a second to fall in LOVE. (me too mommy!)

I live with my mom and dad and two more ‘smaller hoomans’ which are like my brother and sister. Before they met me they always liked staying home, watching flickering pictures on a big box or playing flickering pictures on a small box. I never understood the fascination of these boxes, they do make sounds and they move inside, but they do not smell and I cannot sniff or touch it. For me there is just nothing more exciting than to be outside and I think I kind of inspired my little brother who is the one who actually helped me to become Lisboa’s most famous guide. I am very curious by nature and I learn so much on my tours through our beautiful city and we can be together playing outside all day long. Only sometimes I get a little bored when I have to pose again and again, but then…. I kind of like it too. Because I get all the attention!


I really want to help Feeling Animals, as they support families living in Social Neighbourhoods of Amadora, Lisbon. The program exists since 2015, with the goal of social and community integration, promoting the quality of life of the families and their animals. In 2019 Feeling Animals signed a protocol with the Red Cross, with the same goal of supporting families referred by them. It is a different approach than most animal well-fare organisations, as Feeling Animals helps families to keep their pets. I can promise you, a pet makes for a happier family, a happier community. ALWAYS! (ask mommy)


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"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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