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Ruby wants to help A.A.A.A.A to raise 250€ to clean the teeth of their elderly dogs

Meet Cooka's Ambassadog

Mommy loves me because:
I am the CUTEST

I think I am born on the 29.11.2018, but I am not sure.

Favourite food:
TREATS (Cooka’s!) given to me always on a special occasion. (Mommy NOW is a special occasion, isn’t it?)

Favourite place:
The beach, just like my mom. I love to run and roll in the sand, but I am a little afraid of these big wet monsters that are called ‘waves’. They always growl at me, but one day I will growl back!

Describe mommy in 3 words:
Goofy, smiley, affectionate


In a cold and rainy January day, a box full of puppies was left beside a garbage container. A kind man that passed by grabbed the box and took it to an animal shelter. On that same day, Ruby’s mom-to-be went to the exact same shelter to adopt an adult dog. She thought an older dog would be a perfect fit for her busy life in the big city. But it was faith, and you can’t ignore faith… Nor a box full of puppies! For some reason, Ruby’s mom looked inside the box and decided immediately she was taking one of those babies with her. The only puppy with long and wavy fur caught her eye. She grabbed that puppy, and never let her go.


I want to help A.A.A.A.A because they do such amazing work and they are from the same area where my mom was born, in the South of Portugal. A.A.A.A.A (Association of Friends of Abandoned Animals Loulé) is a private non-profit association which was founded in 1981 by four friends who are very fond of animals. Together they acquired a 4000 square meter plot of land in Loulé, which today is over 10,000 square meters big and currently home to more than 200 dogs, 30 cats, 3 donkeys and 2 mares. A.A.A.A.A’s main goal is to welcome abandoned animals, care for them, sterilise them and put a microchip to be identified, before finding a new loving home. The shelter is not funded by public money, which means that all costs including salaries, vet bills, feeding costs, water, electricity, social security, maintenance of the shelter and cars etc… have to be supported by kind donations.


Learn more about the amazing work of A.A.A.A.A at:


"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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