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Gucci the Jack

I want to help Uniao Zoofilia to raise 150€ to buy food and deworming medicine

Meet Cooka's Ambassadog

Mommy loves me because:
I am a crazy sweetheart

Favourite food:

My secret nickname:

I am most happy when:
I am on the beach

I want to help:
Uniao Zoofila


Hi, I am Gucci a little Jack-Lady and I am Margarida’s first fur-child. Margarida is my mommy and she is studying to be a vet. She knows a lot about animals and is the best mommy ever. She really loves me, even though I drove her a little crazy when I was a puppy. I ate her favourite shoes and also munched a hole into her bag, but I think the worst moment was when I ate that bad cable, which always takes mommy away from me. When that cable turns on, mommy just escapes into another world and I feel I get no attention. It is called a TV cable, but by now we have become friends and I can sit on mommy’s lap when that TV comes alive. Maybe it is not so bad after all.

I really, really love food. When mommy cooks for me it is sooooo yummmy. But I don’t like so much those funny little balls, they are so dry and sometimes they smell funny. Mommy puts pate on top, but I cannot be fooled. I know those balls are underneath.

My favourite place ever (besides mommy’s lap) is the beach. I can just run and run and run and love the feeling of sand on my paws. Sometimes we meet other fu-kids on the beach and I am a bit shy at the beginning, but after a while, I always make friends with everyone.

I shouldn’t tell you this, but mommy has a secret name for me: Guccizinha. It is reserved for special moments only, those moments when I have been a really good girl!

Cooka asked me to describe my mommy in 3 words: Sweet, funny and so pretty

I would like to help Uniao Zoofila because Mommy really likes this organisation and her university has already volunteered for them twice.

Uniao Zoofila was ‘born’ in 1951 with the mission to help and protect domestic animals. A nonprofit association, Zoofila does not receive any support from the state. At this moment the organisation is home to more than 600 dogs and 200 cats and solely relies on the goodwill of volunteers and kind hearts.

Will you help me to raise ….€ needed to buy….for the fur-kids of Zoolia?

A big woof and an even bigger wag,

Your Guccizinha


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"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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