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Essential Oils for dogs?


Essential Oils For Dogs?


Essential oils are used throughout our home. From cleaning, to take away the stink (sorry mommy), to healing and relaxing…These oils are just magic.

Did you know that the use of essential oils can be traced back nearly 5000 years in India and Egypt?

So what are these oils? Essential oils are volatile, concentrated substances that come from a plant’s leaves, flowers, bark, roots, seeds, or even fruit. They are typically collected by means of distillation or cold-pressing. 

The following essential oils are our favorites that can be shared with you and your hooman.

Considered safe for us dogs they can be used as bug repellents, for calming, to stimulate appetite or even help with nausea and motion sickness.

However, never underestimate the power of essential oils. One drop goes a long way and the oils should never be ingested by us doggies!


Woooof, your Cooka



Bug repelling oils

Lemongrass contains citral and geraniol, both of which are natural flea repellents. To make a basket and bedding spray, fill a spray bottle with water, add a drop or two of lemongrass and spray the favorite cuddle places of your dog.

Lavender repels both fleas and ticks and prevents tick eggs from hatching. It also has a calming effect on dogs and hoomans. Add one or two drops to your dog’s shampoo and wash as usual. Mhhhh, someone smells nice!

Rosemary is known to heal skin irritations. Add one drop of rosemary to a carrier oil like coconut or grapeseed oil and apply to a flea or tick bite to accelerate healing. 

Eucalyptus has a strong odor that mosquitos dislike. When you shampoo your dog, add a single drop of eucalyptus oil and massage in well. Be sure to rinse your doggie thoroughly.

Cedarwood has a scent that many hoomans find captivating but mosquitos hate it. Add a drop to a carrier oil and give your dog’s fur a rub down before heading into the wild. 


Reducing fear and anxiety oils

Lavender is one of the safest, most universal oils out there. Add a drop to your dog’s bed, collar, leash, etc. Diffusing lavender at home helps to create a relaxing mood, which might be helpful for anxious dogs.

Cedarwood has a lovely fragrance and provides a calming effect. We love a lavender and cedarwood mix, to diffuse in our office at Cooka’s.

Neroli is a powerful essential oil known to alleviate anxiety and fear. Add a single drop on the collar, leash or bed…



Reducing nausea and car sickness oil

Ginger is a go-to for upset stomachs. Put a drop on a cotton pad or wet cloth and let your dog breathe in the aroma or add a drop to a massage oil and rub on his/her chest and belly. Be sure that he/she do not lick the oil after!

Cedarwood isn’t a specific remedy for nausea but it has a very calming effect on dogs. It can help settle nerves and bellies and is particularly good for car sickness. Try it in an in-car diffuser if your dog suffers from stress or motion sickness when in a moving vehicle. 

Lavender and its calming effects help almost everything, including nausea. Diffuse at home or in your car to help your dog relax.



Appetite stimulating oils

Ginger is a powerful digestive aid. Add a drop to an existing massage oil and give your dog’s belly a thorough rub. 

Wild orange has a great aroma and can help stimulate appetite. Diffusing at home will make your house smell great and could help stimulate your dog’s appetite.


Our favourite ways to incorporate essential oils into your dog’s wellness routine 


CAUTION: NEVER USE These Oils on Your Pets

Even safe essential oils can produce toxic reactions if over-administered, but some essential oils should never be used on pets. When it comes to toxicity in dogs, the most notable offenders are tea tree, pennyroyal, wintergreen, and pine oils. Cinnamon, sweet birch and ylang ylang are also not recommended.


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