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Our November boy

November is the month of Zeus, a Greek God… We are excited to learn more about such special fur-friend.



Dear Zeus, first of all, tell us how did you come to be named after such  amazing GOD?  

My mommy loves the Greek gods, and she thought Zeus was the most suitable for me, because I showed a lot of grit and a powerful air!


Tell us, when and where you were born. 

We don’t really know where I was born, as I was found next to the recycled trash bins, and the vet said I should have been born around February 14th.


Do you know your star-sign? And if yes, do you know what is the most  characteristic for this sign?

I’m a Aquarius and I’m very stubborn.


Do you remember the moment when you met mommy/daddy for the  very first time?  

Yes, it was a super happy day, but I was a little shy



What was your first thought when you noticed that your new family  does not have paws and does not bark?  

These dogs are very strange


What is your favourite place at home? And which place you don’t like  at all? 

I love being on the sofa by the window soaking up the sun… there is no place in my house that I don’t like to be


Does mommy/daddy cook for you? If yes, is she/he a good cook? What is your favorite food?  

Mom usually just cooks me chicken


Your parents are hoomans, but if they would be doggies too, which  breed would they be?  

Would be teckel like me


What is the thing you find most strange about hoomans? And what thing you like most? 

I find it strange that they don’t chew toys, but I love all the pampering and love they give me 


If you could take your pack on a holiday, where would you go? And if  you only can pack 3 items in your doggie bag, what would those be?  

I would go to any place where there were trees and places to dig. I would pack my hooman, food and my favorite toys



Describe mommy in 3 words. 

Alpha, kind and generous


If you could be President of the world what 3 things would you  change?  

That the animals were treated with dignity and love, that all the treats appeared on my plate just thinking about them, and that I could walk everywhere without restrictions.


Do you think about becoming a daddy one day?  



You are our November doggy. Do you like Autumn? If yes, what’s  your favourite thing about this season? 

I love the autumn and especially playing in the middle of the fallen leaves


Do you like wearing cloth when it’s cold outside?  

Yes, warm and waterproof sweaters when it’s raining


In Autumn we have lots of rain, so why hoomans say ‘it rains cats and  dogs’? 

I have no idea 



Do you get scared of anything?  

Yes, from the vacuum


Do you like cats? If yes, do you know why cats and dogs always have  fights?  

I’m still not sure if I like cats or not… I look at them a little puzzled. I knew some cats and dogs that love each other

Thank you. And now mommy  


What is the most challenging part about being a doggie mom? Is Zeus your first child? 

No, I always have had dogs in my life since I was a kid


Does he sleep with you in the bed? 



What is the one thing that makes you laugh the most about his  character?  

His stubbornness


Did he ever break something or was very naughty? 

No never 


Are you planning on having more ‘kids’?  

Yes, at the end of december we will get a little sister for Zeus


If you could give advise to new dog parents, what would you tell them? 

To always have a minimum of lessons with a coach. It’s the best for our dogs, for us and for everyone around us. 



What do you consider the biggest reward about being a dog parent? 

The unconditional love that they give us all the time


How many nick-names does Zeus have?  

LOL, a lot of them. Xu, Xuxu, Macaquinho, Zéquinha, Zacarias


Thank you so much. We woooof you


"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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