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Yuki and Gold

Our favourite April kids

April celebrates a beautiful pair named Yuki and Gold. Their mommy Ana also runs the successful dog-lovers group ‘DOG TIME’, with over 100 members.

Ana, before we learn more about your kids, can you can you tell us a little about this dog-loving community?

WOOOOOOF Sure! It all started as a partnership with a brand that wanted to create a dog community in Lisbon, then they abandoned the project but we just kept doing it! We meet once a week, in a dog park, and the main goal is to make people aware of the good times they can spend with their doggos. There, after we get acquainted, people can freely talk about any subject that might be difficult to talk about with other people, like opinions on vets, on dog food, training… in the end, we managed to make great friends, meet lots of great dogs and it helps everyone! Some dogs really benefit from the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and that’s a great step for some of them! Our community now has more than 100 dogs, with each meeting having around 20 dogs. We do some events sometimes, like treat tastings, professional photographers, professional trainers and even Dog Puller demos!

If someone is interested, we have a facebook group, Dog’s Time | Lisboa



How did Yuki and Gold enter your life and when?

It was on February 2018, we always loved photography and thought that it would be nice to put our skills to good use, so we went to the shelter to photograph the dogs, because we know that the only way those dogs would get noticed would be with a good pic! And there they were! Yuki and Gold and two more dogs in one of the boxes. We couldn’t take them out of our heads, so we started helping that shelter, made some t-shirts and all. Then, one year later, we got them!


Did both kids arrive the same time at your home?

Yes, it was a package deal 😊 2 for 1.


Did Yuki and Gold know each other from before? If not, did they immediately get on?

Yes, they lived together for almost 3 years in the shelter.


When you found the two kids, how did you know THEY ARE FOR YOU? Was there an instant connection? Something that kind of clicked in your heart?

Connections grow with time, when we met them, Gold was really afraid of people, especially men, and Yuki was not socialised at all, he liked nobody, he had never been brushed before(he didn’t let anyone close). I guess it was his lack of interest for everyone and even life itself that caught our eyes and heart. I can’t say it was an instant connection, it took us almost a year of continuous visits to get the relation we have and I think that that is what makes it beautiful. We tamed each other with time and mutual respect and I like to think of this as is was like the relation of the little prince and his fox I think that somehow, they wanted to be tamed, or maybe the other way around – “I am looking for friends. What does that mean — tame?””It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. “It means to establish ties.””To establish ties?””Just that,” said the fox. “To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world….”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince -. In the process of taming Yuki, Gold tamed us 😊



Is it the first time you are a doggy mommy?

It’s my first time being totally responsible for a dog, but I’ve always had dogs on my family. For Henrique it’s the first time.


Tell us what is the difference between Yuki and Gold?

The only thing that they have in common is where they live :p Yuki is very independent, but sweet and caring nevertheless, on the other hand, Gold is like honey, sweet and sticky!


How did you choose these cute names? Does YUKI mean anything?

The names were previously chosen at the shelter, and they were part of their lives, so we kept the same names, we want them to be happy the way they are 😊 Yuki means snow in Japanese (at least we believe so)


If you describe each doggie in just 3 words, what would they be?

Yuki-clumsy, independent, sweet. Gold-dumb, cute, grumpy


What is the special thing Yuki does? And how about Gold?

Yuki is always in the way of everything! We want to cook, Yuki lays down in front of the stove… We want to go to the toilet, Yuki blocks the door… Gold is always demanding pets! If we stop she grabs our hand and pets herself with our hand 😊


If Yuki and Gold were humans, what do you think they would be like?

That’s a hard one. They would both be weirdos XD. Maybe Yuki would be a friendly but quiet man, just doing the things he loves, Gold would be very extroverted and friendly! We imagine Yuki being a woodworker and Gold being a dancer 😉.


What is the favourite food of Yuki and Gold?

They love peanut butter, banana, beef and of course… Cookas cookies!


Do you feed kibble or home-made?

The base is kibble, be we supplement with fresh elements. When we have more time on our hands we’ll make the switch!


Yuki is allergic to chicken, how did you find out?

When we first started our training, as Yuki was not very motivated, we used boiled chicken as a reward, but we noticed after some sessions that he didn’t react so good to the chicken… So we tried some chicken kibble, some chicken treats, boiled chicken, raw chicken and everything seemed to affect him… In the worst cases he would develop dermatitis.



And what is the all-time favourite place of Yuki and Gold?

Anywhere near us 😊


If you could tell us the most funny moment ever with the kids? And also the most scary.

The scary one is easy, the first time they got out of the shelter to get the shots from the vet, Yuki escaped from his collar and started running towards another dog so me and a shelter volunteer had to jump on top of him. With Gold it was a similar situation, Henrique was running with her and knocked down a garbage can, she got really scared and managed to escape her harness. Now to the fun part! We don’t really have a “most funny” moment, every time Gold falls asleep in a weird position or does something silly is extremely fun! And whenever Yuki has his “zoomies” and plays with us (rarity) it’s loads of fun!


If there is any advise you would give to newly doggie pawrents?

Be patient with the doggos, try to learn more about them so you can “read” how they are feeling and make their lives the best you can! Simple, right? 😊


And now Yuki and Gold, can you tell us a bit about mommy?

We like to talk about both pawrents, they both take care of us the best they can! They give us treetos for sitting and for kicking them with our paws, they are sometimes dumb, but we love them!


What did you think when you met mommy and daddy the first time?

They came to our old house, met all our brothers and sisters and they brought treetos, so we knew they were good hoomans 😊


What makes mommy and daddy so special?

They let us do what we want and they understand when we want pets or when we want to sleep (they even let us go in their bed when they are home 😊) and they never miss the time to give us foodings!


Is there anything they do, that you really love?

Of course! We love when they give us foodings 😊 and when we go on the car to take long walks on the beach!


Does mommy let you sleep in her bed?

Yassssss, but not during the night, then she has dadd and the four of us don’t fit 😊


And does she cook well? If yes, what is your favourite?

Oh yes, we love the baked sweet potato!!!!



If you could take mommy and daddy away for one month, where would you go with them?

That’s easy! Road trip in a caravan! No matter where we go, it will be lots of fun!


And if mommy and daddy were a doggie, what breed would they be?

They would be mutts, they are unique just like all mutts!


Find out more about Yuki and Gold’s adventures on Instagram

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