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When you saw Tommy the first time, was it love at first wag?

Well, it was not quite a decision ….When one of my two turtles died, after a few weeks I decided to go and buy one more, to keep a companion for my other turtle. As I was leaving the petshop with my parents, we looked at a glass box (very very small) with only a blanket and a tiny dog only a month  and a half old (yes a month and a half, which according to Portuguese or European law is not even legal, as pups can only be sold after being at least 2 months old) and he was very stressed and shaking from fear and then the owner of the store saw us looking at the dog and immediately took the dog out of the stall and put it into my lap ….., and of course…,it was impossible for us to have the courage to  put him  in there again( he was crying a lot)…. and so we decided to take him home, without knowing anything about dogs. To be honest, we just decided to take him because we were so upset with the situation he was in.

A few years ago I had a huge phobia of dogs and it was the little dog of a friend who helped me with my fears …. and how to see dogs in another way than I saw them. So Tommy is my first kid.

By buying Tommy in a pet store I actually promoted the illegal and irresponsible breeding and trafficking of dogs.
Obviously when I bought him , I dindn’t know anything about animal legislation ….nor the trafficing and the irresponsible breeding …. and how the animals are treated in such bad  conditions. Its not fair that dogs are exploited and mistreated like this…! Of course this does not happens with all the breeders, I have good friends that are responsible breeders and do a really respectful work!  But unfortunately (most of the time) when the animals are bought at pet stores, they come in most of the cases from irresponsible breeders!

I really love Tommy and I really think that he is so beautiful….,more beautiful than most of the pure breed Yorkshire terriers for sure.


Tommy is such a cute name; did you choose it for any special reason?

Thank you so much Aline!! You are so sweet. BUT…Believe me, I think you don’t want to know where the name comes…but okay.

So when I was leaving the pet shop with Tommy in my arms …, I looked at the t-shirt of my dad that was made by the brand of “Tommy Hilfiger” and yah,  the name just stuck, and so it was Tommy!


What was the most challenging part of being a puppy-daddy?

It was funny, but unfortunately, I did not know anything about dogs and, I the only thing I saw was on television with this rather stupid trainer called Cesar Millan. So looking back, everything I did it with Tommy when he was puppy, was all badly done at training! What I most would want is to go back in time and do the things all right with him…but unfortunately this is not possible.


Did Tommy go to school or did you teach him yourself?

I had lessons with a professional trainer about canine behaviour, tricks and how to observe signs that the dogs give us ….. and then I applied everything I learned on  Tommy. Last year we dedicated a lot of time with tricks and ability training, but unfortunately this year  we will no longer do this with the same regularity as we did before, because Tommy has a problem in the back leg. That’s why he is in physical therapy now. So this year we are dedicated to practicing obedience!


Tommy is very photogenic; did you ever consider him to become a model?

Yesss!! But he is already a model, just exclusive for me! HAHA! I really don’t know if there exists any agency for dogs in this country.

But I’d be so happy if he was a model for some brand or something else!


You are an amazing photographer. Is this just a hobby or do you do this professionally?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I just started to work serious with camera since about 8 months ago and I am really happy with the results! Its a hobby with Tommy…, but I have already a page on Instagram: pawprints_photography. So if anyone is looking for a ‘family’- session, please send me a message. It is rather challenging, as I have to fit “Tommy’s world”, school and photography into my days. So easy peasy! ALL I CAN SAY: Tommy really changed my life!


What was the funniest thing Tommy ever did?

Hmmm, I think it was when he buried himself at the beach. He was completely submerged just his head sticking out.


Does Tommy sleep in the bed with you? If yes, is he an easy bed-companion?

He is like a Boss in the house…., he can sleep when he wants and where we wants. Just imagine, if someone is sitting on the chair and Tommy wants to go the chair, this person needs to give the place to Tommy. He also has more than 3 dog-beds and this giant bed that is under to my bed, which is the same size as mine. Like this I can see him and know when he wants to cuddle. But yes, when he wants to sleep with me he sleeps in my bed.


If you describe Tommy in just 3 words, what would they be?

Powerful, Intelligent, Beautiful


If you want to really spoil Tommy with a surprise, what would it be?

A long day at a private beach with no one except his dog friends…., he really loves the beach so much and there can be free…



To learn more about the pawsome adventures of little Tommy, follow them on Instagram at tommy_boal

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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