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September Dog


Today we have a very special doggy – Thor! This young man is our dog of September. A strong dog, just like Thor – he is also our son, yes…Sherlock and I are the parents.

Thor did not have the most easy upbringing, as his hooman pawrents decided that they don’t want him anymore and kind of ‘returned’ him. We were heart-broken that time and yet also so blessed, as Sofia who now is part of Cooka’s team immediately said – I WILL TAKE HIM HOME. And ever since, our baby-boy has turned into a good doggy. I think he just needed more attention and LOVE.


Hello sweet Thor. Do you know that mommy and daddy miss you so much, but we know you are very happy in your new home. First of all tell us – have you been a good boy? We don’t want to hear any more complaints please, you promised to make us proud – remember?!

Good boy? Mhhhh….It depends on who I’m with. I’m an excellent son when I’m with my daddy – I try to show my best, but with my mom I am a bit more wild, as I have 100% freedom, so I can do everything I want, as I know she won’t be upset at me… Does that mean I am a bad boy? Just to tell you an example – my mommy is so happy when she sees me jumping in her bed like a kangaroo, yet my dad never allows such silly behaviour.


And do you remember when and where you were born? PS: You made mommy and daddy so proud that day…

I’m not very good with dates, as for us doggies dates don’t mean much. A day is a day and a night ids a night, it is simple. But I do have a little memory of when I was born, as I felt a special warm feeling right away, being surrounded by lots of fur-balls and mother Cooka. As for the date – I asked my mommy and she told me that I was born on March 28, 2018, so I guess I’m already a grown up, but forever a big baby.



Do you know your star sign? Being a Thor with a very iron will it must be a strong sign too.

My sign is Aries, so you will understand a reason to be impatient, very persistent and determined to achieve my goals. My name Thor is linked to STRENGTH and PROTECTION, so it makes sense.


Do you remember the first time you met your new hooman pawrents?

As it was today, it was me, my human mother and my human grandmother, it was just crazy. I was a little fat, as I didn’t exercise much before, but I just wanted to meet my new family and I was hoping they would LOVE me just like I was made, you know what I mean?! 


Do you know why they named you Thor? (I can tell you that you were the biggest pup in my litter…)

I don’t know the reason they call me THOR, it was my first human family that gave it to me and my  REAL mom Sofia didn’t want to change, so here I am – THOR. But I have a nickname – THORINI, a mix between Thor and Martini, because I have a brother called Beirão and another called Malibu, and no no, my mother doesn’t drink alcohol, she is a fan of tea. As you may have already noticed we are a big family, I couldn’t have chosen better.


I remember with a very heavy heart, when your first pawrents called us to ‘return’ you. Do you know why?

I am a Weimaraner and I need to run and walk every day. I also love being the shadow of my human, I hate being alone – and you know – I’m a giant dog, but I think I’m a Chihuahua… So I guess I couldn’t belong to that first family because of these things. They just had no time for a big dog like me. But as my mom Sofia says, I was already destined to be her son and honestly I had so little time with the other family that all the good times make me forget everything before completely.


Do you ever miss your first hooman family? 

No, how can I miss someone who never valued me? 



And do you ever miss your daddy Sherlock and myself? I know..last time you met daddy he just growled at you, but you know…he has been very sad about you being returned from your hoomans and he still needs time to get over this…

My mother Cooka is very special to me, she had the courage to open a magical bakery, with only 100% natural ingredients. I’m very lucky that my mommy Sofia works with Cooka, I get to experience everything she does. That’s why I always feel like I’m with Cooka and I receive treats that she makes with love, every day. My papa Sherlock and I are the same: we are the same size, we love humans, we love food, we love Cooka and all the girls like us, and so I don’t think it’s envy, my father simply tries to put rules and orders in his head. To be the best dog in the world!


Are you happy now – in your new home with your hooman mommy?

100% Happy – I have a big family, space to run around, we all love going to the beach, I have the best food in the world, my bed, my friends. What more can I ask for?


We hear that you like to escape, have you been trying to stop this behaviour? You know that Sofia gets very worried when this happens…

We recently moved house, and I like to go for walks to make new friends, but Mom Sofia doesn’t understand or is afraid. But we made a deal now – I go to the duck pond every night to play with my friends dogs and ducks and geese and we are all happy.


What is your favourite place at home?

My bed…Oh no, not true – it’s the kitchen. I’m a big food thief – especially with my human grandmother around – it’s so easy! But my bed in front of the fireplace, when it’s cold and raining, and a romantic movie – listening to the soft voices of my pawrents – that sounds PAWFECT too.



You live close to the beach, do you often go there?

Yes a lot! This summer we discovered a pet friendly beach, imagine what a dream it is. Sand, sea, dogs and freedom – 5 stars.


Do you like water Thor? Cause daddy and I do not at all…

I can say that I am in a process of adaptation and it depends a lot on the beach. When the human mother is in the water, I feel safe going to her, but when I’m alone, I prefer to stay by the sand.


What food do you eat? I hope only Cooka’s cuisine?

I like everything! I’m a big eater. My mom Cooka’s kitchen will always be the best, paired with the food that mom Sofia makes – I have the perfect combination.


And what is your favourite food?

Frango na Púcara com Batata Doce e Espinafres but Real Beef can also be considered in the top 3.


If your mommy was a dog, what breed would she be?

My breed – Weimaraner but in small size – because my mother is very short. It’s possible?



What you find most strange about your hoomans?

I don’t understand why they leave every day and just don’t stay with us all day – 24h.


And what you like most about your hoomans?

The love they give us! Our complicity is very special. I love it when mom sits with me talking for hours, it’s just our moment.


 If you were hooman, what would be your job?

Sherlock and Cooka’s human daddy is a cookie tester, I could do this job forever.


Do you like cats Thor? I used to chase them, but now that I am older and wiser I really started liking kittens and now I even have a best friend – Cookie the cat.

I have a weird relationship with cats, I just like the cats on our farm – the cats I know. Cats I don’t know, I want distance. But I will try to improve, I promise!


Have you been on a holiday already? 

I feel like I’m always on vacation – I run every day, I eat every day, I screw up every day, I get love every day. I’m waiting for Mommy Cooka to offer me a job one day.


What are the 3 things you would take on a trip?

Real Turkey, Beijinhos Chicken & Tuna and water is essential. The mother, father and sisters must already be included in the trip.


Can you describe your hooman mommy in 3 simple words?

Companion, we spent hours talking about life.

Courageous, she does things that sometimes I don’t realize but in the end everything works out.

Playful, she loves to play funny pranks on me, like hiding cookies and I have to go find out.


And you real mommy – me?

Creative, develops the best recipes

Organized, there’s never a shortage of cookies and food for all the dogs

Friend, is always ready to help others


And how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Focus, I’m great at fulfilling tasks and obligations – I have to eat every day

Humble, I have the ability to make mistakes and be right

Determined, persists steadfastly to achieve the goals I want to achieve.



If you were ever voted pawsident, what would be your first change of law? 

That all dogs are entitled to a great family and that they can go anywhere.


Are you planning on becoming a daddy yourself one day and making us proud grandparents?

Of course I do – I have a great family example.



Thank you sweet Thor. Mommy loves you sooooo much, you be good now – promise and maybe we consider to get you a job in my bakery one day soon.


"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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