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Sasha – Our Valentine’s Dog

February is the month of Love and we are in WOOF LOVE with a cutie named Sasha…If you have seen Sasha’s Instagram, you will know that she is a natural model – we are just crazy about her posts…



Sasha please tell us – does your name have any special meaning?

It doesn’t have any special meaning, but a fun fact about my name is that when my dogdad was looking for names and calling them out loud, Sasha was the one I reacted to. So, I’d like to say that I chose my own name! 


When were you born? And where?

I was born on June 17th, 2017, in Viseu! My grandparents were the ones to pick me up when I was 4 month-old.


Do you know your star sign? Do you know what are the most characteristics of your sign and do you think it’s like you?

Since I was born in mid-June, I’m a Gemini. I’m not an astrology kind of dog, however I Googled it and I found it quite interesting that Gemini dogs are curious adaptable, intelligent, impulsive, and I can relate to that! I can adapt easily to a new house, within a couple of minutes I can easily recognize where my bathroom is and – of course – the food supply location. I’m a quick learner and normally use my intelligence to gain a lot of treats. And, I wouldn’t be a beagle if I wasn’t stubborn and nosy!


Do you remember the moment when you met mommy/daddy for the very first time?

I first met my grandparents, since they were the ones who pick up in Viseu, and drove me to Aveiro, where we still live. Then I met my dad, and I was super excited to meet him and explore my new home. A year and a half later, I met my mommy, and I greet her with my usual enthusiasm while meeting new people. And, at first, I only saw her every 2 weeks, then every week, and after COVID she was always there, and she became my mommy full-time, alongside my dad.



What was your first thought when you noticed that your pawrents do not have paws and do not bark or have furry skin and a tail?

I found it quite odd if I’m being honest. They usually walked on 2 legs, and it is very difficult for me to walk like that, although they’re pretty slow when we do some sort of running competition. And they’re always talking in a strange language, and throughout the years I managed to understand some of them, with the help of snacks of course. And as for the non-fur, I now understand why they’re always covered in a lot of clothes, especially in the winter, and now I quite enjoy when mommy dresses me in these comfy warm hoodies. And a fun fact, now mommy and I both have matching hoodies. 


What is your favorite place at home? And which place you don’t like at all?

My favorite place is definitely the balcony, especially on sunny days. Other than that, the couch and the bed are pretty great places too but Im not really allowed to be there (shhh dont tell anyone!). On the other hand, the place that I absolutely hate is the bathtub, whenever they tell me it’s bath time I simply run for my dear life.


Does mommy/daddy cook for you? If yes, is she/he a good cook?

Yes, mostly mommy. She always puts some yummy extras on my plate. I’m not picky, so I quite enjoy having extra raw meat, eggs, fruits, and even vegetables added to my regular kibble. 



What is your favorite food?

As I said, I’m really not picky, however, I tend to be especially crazy about wet food.


Your parents are hoomans, but if they would be furry too, what kind of breed would they be?

Since my mommy is annoying me all the time I think she’s a lot alike most Chihuahuas, always very noisy and constantly checking me! On the other hand, my dad is very peaceful about most things, so I would say he’s like a lazy Bernese mountain.


Would they be good doggies? Or naughty?

I think they would be 70% good doggies and 30% naughty. What’s the fun of only being good? 


What is the thing you find most strange about hoomans? And what you like most about them?

The strangest and very annoying thing about my hoomans is that they eat too many times throughout the day, and I find it very hard to understand why I can’t either! However, they sometimes share with me all the yummy stuff they are eating, and I really love that! But they say they only give me things that I can eat, which seems like a lie but ok…



Does your hooman ever annoy you?

YES! I truly hate when they ask me to wait for food! I simply don’t understand why I have to wait for permission. As soon as it is on my plate I should be able to eat whenever I want.


If you could take your pack on a holiday, where would you go? 

I really love exploring wooden areas and sniffing along everything that I can find! So I’d probably take them all for a long hike weekend!


And if you only can pack 3 items in your doggie bag, what would those be?

Only 3 items is pretty hard to choose, but it must be my food, my ball to play around and my delicious snacks! For me it really is important to have a lot of food and snacks. Its never too many. 😜


Describe mommy in 3 words. And daddy?

Mommy is very protective, sweet and the best cuddler. Daddy is very playful, funny and adventurous.


And yourself?

Stubborn, curious, and quick learner.



Do your pawrents let you sleep in ‘their basket’?

No, I sleep in my own bed in a place near the kitchen. But they call me to their bed, every morning for cuddles, and I snooze a little bit more alongside them.


If you could be President of the world what 3 things would you change?

Infinite food at every dog park, more green areas within the city to explore, and of course, allow us dogs to go to the beach and restaurants!!


Do you think about becoming a pawrent one day?

My parents decided that the best for me was to be neutered, so I can’t have children.  


You are our February dog. Do you like this month? If yes, what’s your favorite thing about it?

February is the month of love and it means a lot of yummy stuff for me! I get to try a lot of Valentine’s days goodies, specially the ones from Cooka’s Cookies!


Do you like Valentine’s day? Do you use to celebrate it? If yes, tell us how you usually spend that day

Yes I really love! I have a lot of attention that day! Mommy usually prepare this cute scenario so I can take some pictures on it, and I can try a lot of cute and yummy treats. At night, mommy and dad order some special food for them and I eat a yummy meal as well. I really love to be a part of their date night. 



Do you get scared of anything?

I’m a pretty scared girl. So, every time there’s a loud sound I panic, especially with fireworks and motorcycle engine sounds. Apart from that, I don’t like anything that feels new, so I tend to be apprehensive to unknown things, but as soon as I realize it is harmless I can relax and even enjoy them.


Do you ever misbehave?

Now, I’m a pretty good girl and I behave so well. Sometimes I do stuff that my hoomans say they don’t like, but I think they just don’t know what is good for them!


Do you go to school? If yes, do you like learning new tricks, and which trick is your favorite?

I once went to a dog school, but not anymore. Instead I go once a week to a dog daycare to interact with other doggies and play with them. 

As for learning new tricks, hoomans really enjoy teaching me new ones all the time, and I quite enjoy learning them, meaning that I end up with my tummy full of snacks. And, my all-time favorite is the meerkat, or the Timon pose, as I like to call it.


Talking tricks, what trick would you like to teach your parents (if you could)?

To stay put, so I can go eat all the cookies while they watch!!


What is your favorite game to play?

My favorite game to play with hoomans is fetch, I love tennis balls, especially the ones that make sounds.


What are your dreams for the future?

I LOVE food, so any place with all kinds of food at my disposal would be heaven to me! So, I would say, have all food at my disposal, whenever and whatever I want, preferably while laying in comfy couch and taking sunbathe.



And now mommy/daddy (questions):


Is Sasha your first fur baby?

Yes, Sasha is our first and only baby, for now.


What is the one thing that makes you laugh the most about Sasha? 

The way she shows us what she really wants to do, even though she KNOWS she is not supposed to.


Has Sasha ever been naughty?

Who hasn’t? When she was a baby, out of nowhere she would start to run like crazy, and it wasn’t like the typical zoomies, her eyes looked like she was possessed! But we think she was like a typical baby with lots of energy and sometimes destroyed her bed and toys, and especially enjoyed doing her own take on gardening in the backyard.



Are you planning on having more ‘kids’?

Yes, we would love to have a new baby girl in a near future.


If you could give advice to new dog pawrent, what would you tell them? 

Our advice to a new dog pawrents relies on making sure all the needs that your puppy might have are well taking care of, for example, Sasha being a hunting dog who loves to sniff around, so we make sure that she’s having that, by spreading some treats on the grass or hidden through the house so she can find it. And, more importantly, make time for your dog, they love attention, so go on a lot of walkies, by the beach, mountain, or within the city, they love to be included.


What is the most challenging part about being a dog mom/dad? 

For us, the worst part is when she’s sick or feeling low, and since they don’t speak we get worried with everything out of usual. Apart from that, we think it’s a matter of organization and logistics and we can manage every time.


And what do you consider the biggest reward of being a dog parent?

We think the best part of having Sasha is the constant company! We trully love the happiness in her eyes when we arrive home! Because she’s truly happy when we spend time with her and never asks for anything in return, well except for treats! 🤭


How many nicknames does Sasha have?

We often call her by Sashita or Sashinha, but when she’s doing a good job we call her linda, and whenever she’s a bit naughty we call her by her full name Sasha Maria.



Thank you sweet Sashinia…you are just WOOOFERFUL

To learn about our Valentine’s girl check Sashas’s instagram @sasha_theladybeagle

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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