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Princess Leia

A beagle love story

Do you know Leia? The cutest and smartest beagle in town? Leia is a specialist in health and nutrition and has been giving Cooka-classes on a the importance of the correct food for doggies.

Learn more about Leia’s pawsome life by following her into her Instaworld @leiatheportuguesebeagle

When and how did little Leia enter your life?

We got Leia from a breeder when she was only 7 weeks old and she instantly adapted very well to her forever home.


Is Leia your first ‘child’?

Yes and we truly feel like our happy family is complete.


Did you always know you wanted a beagle and if yes, why?

Since we live in a small apartment, we couldn’t get a large breed. Also, one of us has showed some symptoms of allergies with long-haired dogs. So we found Beagles to be the perfect breed for our lifestyle and personality altogether. And, come on, Beagle puppies are the cutest aren’t they?


What is it like to be a PAWRENT of a VIB? (Very important beagle)

We do know she’s very important to us. But we weren’t expecting that she made so many people smile.


Being a dog PAWRENT, what you find the most challenging?

Since Leia is our first baby, we are constantly learning new things regarding what’s good and bad for her. Sometimes, dealing with an unexpected problem or new situation can be really challenging. And, by the way, thank you Cooka for the help you’ve given in some of those situations.


Leia… mh, so who is the starwars fan in the family?

Leia’s mom is the real fan. Having Leia was the best excuse for daddy to finally see the movies!


What does Leia do, which always makes you smile?

Those little yawning noises.


Is Leia also naughty some times? If yes, what is the worst she ever did?

Yes, we are aware that she’s a Beagle and that they have a quite awful reputation in this department. But Leia has never ever been naughty. The worst thing she did was destroying her pillow and that was mostly our fault for allowing that behavior since day one. We thought “her bed, her choice” but we didn’t realize at that time how bad the pillow filling could be for her. Lesson learned.


If Leia could read this now, what secret would you like to tell her?

Leia, you snore like a pig but we couldn’t possibly love you more.


Leia, you are still so young, but already such a smartie (we hear you already teach nutrition) How did you become so wise at such young age?

Mommy trains with me since I was a tiny nugget and, honestly, there’s absolutely no other way to do it. A lot of training, patience and persistence. The treats help, not going to lie.


What is it you like most about mommy and daddy?

I like how they aren’t over protective and they let me be a dog, get dirty and play around. And the cuddles, obviously.


Can you describe your pawrents in just 3 words?

Mom is bossy but patient. Daddy is clumsy but funny. And they both are SO special.


If you could take just 3 things on a holiday on a stranded island, what would they be?

My favorite treats and toy… and a boat!


Do you prefer raw or cooked food?

I simply drool over raw food, it’s quite an excitement around meal time.


What do you find most scary about our ‘hooman’ world?

I can’t see anything bad in anyone, I greet everyone like they’re my best friends. And mom is teaching me that not everyone is to be trusted and I can only go to people when she allows me to. And that’s really scary, I hope to never meet a bad hooman!

Do you sleep in your parents bed at night?

I sleep in my bed in the kitchen since the first day home. Daddy did an amazing job there, getting up a thousand times during the first months, when I woke up scared of being alone in the kitchen in the middle of the night. But totally paid off because I sleep peacefully throughout all night now. However, I do get to cuddle in their bed in the mornings and that’s honestly the best part of my day.

And what do you dream about?

I dream about a world where all the puppies always have a non-ending cookies’ supply.


Leia, last question: when is your birthday and do you believe in star-signs? (You are a…?)

My (first) barkday is on November 20th. Regarding star-signs… can I eat it? If not, I don’t care.


Note from Cooka: Leia, you are a scorpio by star sign. Scorpios simply know what they want and aren’t afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it. They never show their cards, and their enigmatic nature is what makes them so seductive and beguiling. And nope…this one is not for eating…


"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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