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Dear Piki, you are our DOG OF THE MONTH February and we love to know all about you!



When and where were you born?

I was born on 22nd November 2017 in Oporto, Portugal


Do you know your star sign?



Do you remember the first time you met your pawrents?

Yes, it was supposed to be just a quick hello before I went to my forever family, but then the family that was supposed to adopt me gave up on the idea and turned out that first hello was a forever one.


Was it weird when you noticed that your parents don’t bark and have no fur or paws?

My moms yes, they are really weird, they only have skin I wonder what they do with all their furr, maybe they like to go to that torture they like to call hairdresser every day I wondered, but papa is my human soulmate, furry, fluffy and chubby, he is not weird, he is just like me.


Does your name Piki have a special meaning? 

Well, remember the story of the quick hello? Well, my temporary family didn’t want me to not have a name whilst I was in their home, so they started calling piki because I was really small, once they decide I was going to be their forever furry son, they didn’t hesitate and kept the name.


What is your favorite place ever?

The park, I love going to the park and run with my friends, I mean what better than the smell of fresh-cut grass?


What food do you eat mostly? Cooked, kibble or raw?

I eat kibble, however, my mom tries to cook some fish and meat from time to time to guarantee I have my protein levels good and I’m healthy.



And if you could choose what food would you eat all the time?

I love some fresh cooked salmon or mango.


If your mom and dad were dogs, what breed would they be?

The mommy that runs my Instagram account would be a Golden Retriever since she is an extrovert, kind of crazy, a typical socialite, and has beautiful long hair, my older mom would have no breed, she is just an amazing mix of what a lot of od breeds have to offer and my dad would be a husky, kind of crazy, sweet but loud.


What you find most strange about hoomans?

They feel the necessity to vacuum all the time, why do they like that loud, irritant strange thing so much, and then, they shower all the time, why would they like to blowdry their hair so many times?


And what you like most about hoomans?

They are caring, always kissing and hugging me, and also they take me for a walk three times a day every day and they play with me!


 If you were hooman, what would be your job?

A circus clown, since I cheer everyone up, put a smile on their faces, and have lots and lots of energy.


Do you like cats?

I love cats, I have a cat brother!



What is your all-time favorite movie?

Pets, really intelligent pawfriends!


If you could take your pack on a Holiday, where would you go? And if you could pack just 3 things with you, what would those be? 

To the mountains, so I can freely run through nature! I would pack a ball because I love chasing balls, a bowtie so I can look good for the ladies, and my tag so I never get lost from my pawrents.


Can you describe mommy and daddy in few simple words?

They are caring, my mommy is more energetic and loves to talk, talk, talk, like me! I love tgo bark, bark, bark! My daddy is more of a techy guy, loves computers and programming! My older mom is more of a home soul, loves nature and cozy blankets.


And if you can describe yourself in 3 words?

Energetic, caring and talkative.


If you were voted pawsident, what would be your first change of law? 

I would punish hoomans that hurt by beloved friends and I would give every street friend a home.


Are you planning on becoming a mommy/daddy yourself one day?



And now MOMMY AND DADDY questions


What is the most challenging part about being a dog pawrent?

Piki is really reactive and energetic, so we have a hard time trying to have him not barking at other dogs, he is not mean, but really anxious and wants to play. So we have to daily play and train him, so he can spend his energy.


Is Piki your first child? 

No, we already had his cat brother Kittu, and have had a dog Luca before him that died in 2007.


Does Piki share your bed?



What is the one thing about Piki that makes you laugh the most?

He really likes playing with balls, so everyone that comes to my house is obliged to play catch with him and he insists ‘till someone throws the ball he does never give up, it’s so funny.


What was the most naughty thing Piki ever did?

Caving our home plants and leaving the floor full of dirt


Are you planning on growing your pack?

I do, I live in my mother’s home and piki is the dog of the family, but when I leave my house I intend to have a Pitbull and a Golden Retriever.


What would be your advice to new dog-parents?

Train their dogs since they come to their houses, otherwise, they will turn into anxious, reactive dogs, and it is really hard to reverse those behaviors


What is the biggest reward for being a dog pawrent?

Their love is endless if you’re having a good or a bad day. Piki always gives me morning kisses and cheers my day up.


"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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