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Rescued Pharmy has found HOME

How and when did Pharmy enter your life?

Pharmy came to my life March 28, 2016.


When you saw Pharmy the first time, what did you like most about him?

He was so scared I only wanted to save him – his eyes were really sad.


Pharmy is such a rare name, how did you choose it?

He was chased from some people and he ran into a Pharmacy to escape, thats why his ‘saviours’ him the name Pharmy- so I kept it because it is part of his story.


What is the most difficult part about being a working mommy?

Not having enough time to spend with Pharmy! (OOOOPS, I think we just noted Cooka nodding her head…)


Is Pharmy a wild rebel or more of a quiet dreamer?

I believe both…he is such a sweet dog.


If Pharmy was a hooman, what you think would be his profession?

He would let people hug him all the time to feel better or he could work with peoples with special needs to make them feel loved. He has so much love to give.


You are a well known event planner and you have to travel often. Does Pharmy come along?

Unfortunately not always, it is very difficult to travel with a dog in Greece.


Does Pharmy ever get to participate in weddings? Like as the ‘best man’ bringing the rings?

He participated in photoshoots but of course if needed he will be the best dog ring bearer.


What was the cutest thing Pharmy ever did?

He always wants someone to hold his hand, it is a crazy habit I haven’ t seen to any other dog…


Does Pharmy sleep in the bed with you? If yes, on which side?

Of course he does (!), he always uses the right side of the bed.


If you describe Pharmy in just 3 words, what would they be?

Cute, calm , sensitive.


If Pharmy could read this interview, what sentence would you add, just for him?

I love you puppy mou


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