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Oreo and Kiza find their way HOME

Another rescue story from the HEART

September pups Oreo and Kiza tell us their heart-aching story. We are once again touched by the LOVE and Kindness from caring doggie parents, and yet so shocked by the terrible stories of so many rescue dogs.


Marta, are Oreo and Kiza your first fur-kids?

No. I had a ‘Deutscher Kurzhaar’ called Baco (braco alemão) before and Rui had a cat named Quimbé.


We learned that you are going to be a VET, is this something you always dreamed to be?

YES! I always dreamed to work with animals. When I was a kid I wanted to be a police officer… just to have a dog! IMAGINE! I graduated in veterinary nursery and later I tried medicine!


How did Oreo and Kiza come into your life?

I wanted to adopt a dog that no one else wanted! A dog with a trauma or a victim of neglect. A colleague showed me Rommy (Oreo’s former name) a victim of sexual abuse with burns and crushed paws and other bad things….When I saw him, I knew right away that we belonged to each other…for life!

Kiza I saw for adoption. Her mother was abandoned pregnant in an uninhibited house. When she was found, she was with 3 little hungry puppies and 2 dead ones. When I saw that little white ball I immediately fell in LOVE and took her home at just 3 weeks old! ❤


Oreo is such a sweet and yummy name, does it mean cookie?

Oreo is the name of these cookies that I love! It’s two pieces of dark chocolate with a white filling. Our Oreo is black with a white chest. Sweet and so thin when we got him. (now he is so fat ahah)! It was the perfect name for my boy!


What would you say is the most difficult part about being a doggie mummy?

For me it’s the constant fear of making mistakes. Afraid of not making my dogs happy. All the responsibilities and routines for me aren’t difficult. They are my duty!


What one advice would you give to new doggie pawrents?

Find out first all that is required to be a good parent for a dog! When we have a dog, he can’t ask for ‘what’s left for the month’ and he doesn’t have a card or money to buy is own things! Know that it’s our responsibility to take care of our dogs, just as we would for children. They depend on us for everything! ESPECIALLY LOVE AND AFFECTION.


You are changing Kiza’s diet to Barf, what made you decide this?

Kiza had an oral problem. Its prognostic. She can only eat mini dog food and it hurts her to chew. Many days she doesn’t even touch food! We think to go barf because seizing the food is much easier.


If you could describe Oreo in 3 words, what would they be? And KIZA?

Oreo is strong, sweet and quiet!

Kiza is a delicate rebel, lively and very independent ( opposite of her brother) 😍


What makes you laugh about your dogs?

Oreo is very very clumsy! And Kiza is all goofy 😂


What was the scariest moment with your dogs?

Oreo is very afraid of people. He panics. Once in Lisbon he broke free and got away and I was so scared something happens to him.

When Kiza was sterilized she had an internal haemorrhage. It was so scary to see her tummy all black and with so much pain…


Kiza, Oreo. Can you tell us what you WOOF most about your mommy?

Mom gives us delicious cookies, good night kisses and long walks in the park.


If you could ask mommy for just one special something, what would it be?

Don’t ever leave me (and give me many more Cooka’s cookies!)


Do you have any special nickname for your mommy?

Of course! She’s our slave mummy, our slave goddess! 




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