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MOCA – July Princess

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July is dedicated to a princess named Moca, who on July 24 would have celebrated her 11th Barkday. I always promised her, that she will live to 15. Yet, I didn’t keep my promise and my heart aches forever that I couldn’t. 

Moca was the most kind and elegant dog. I always think of my fur-kids as reincarnated hoomans and I always felt, that Moca was once upon a time a princess. She had a royal aura about her and her calm and serene ways, made everyone fall in love with her.

She never fought. No matter how much teasing from Cooka or Sherlock, she would endure their naughty games with a regal patience. Do you remember those dotted scars around Moca’s little nose? Those are LOVE marks from Cooka.


It has been rather hard for me, to write this ‘interview’, my emotions a rollercoaster of smiles and tears. Loosing a pet is a painful journey, but if you are reading this, you surely know…

Thank you my sweet Moca for being part of my life. You thought me so much and your LOVE will be forever imprinted in my heart. I know that one day you will return to me and I am here…waiting.

I WOOOF YOU my little girl. 



How did you find your hooman pack?

Mommy and daddy saw me at a breeder and apparently instantly fell in love. I was left behind, since nobody wanted me. I was too small as a Weimaraner and also had some problems with my front leg.

But my future pawrents did not seem to mind and just took me home that very moment.


Did you know right away that she/he would be your hooman mommy/daddy/?

Yes, especially with mommy. I think I knew mommy from before, from another life. When she put her arms around me, I just felt like arriving home.



And do you remember the first smells in your hooman home?

It smelled of food, because my mommy is always cooking!


Were you a good puppy?

Well, I don’t think so. I destroyed a lot of things and made pipi everywhere and sometimes mommy would be really upset with me. I am so sorry mommy.

So what was the worst you destroyed? Do you mind telling us?

Well, I rooted up all of mommy’s flower garden, I was just so sad that she liked those flowers more than me. I also yanked out all the cables that made my pawrents stare into the ‘talk box’. This talk box for sure has mind-controlling powers, as once it is turned on my parents never take their eyes away from it, no matter how much cuteness I tried to display in front of them.

When did you make your pawrents worry the most about you?

Once I got stung by a bee and I am very allergic, so mommy had to rush me to the Hospital. All my fur was standing up, mommy says I looked like a hedgehog. When the vet gave me an injection, I immediately felt better and we returned home, where I got a second allergic shock. We had to return again to the Vet and I got another big needle into my back(I hate needles!), but then the attacks finally stopped.


What is your favourite place to be?

Anywhere mommy is. I love it when she takes me on her lap and sings to me. I always feel so safe.


And what is your least favourite?

Alone. Alone is a terrible place.


Does your mommy cook for you? And if yes what is your all time favourite food?

Mom cooks for all of us. Sometimes daddy complains that she cooks better for us dog children, than for him. But that is not true! My favourite food? I love chicken stew with sweet potatoes and for desserts I love pears.


If you could take your parents on a holiday, where would you go?

I would take them to a beach. My pawrents love the beach and they get so relaxed there. We all lie on a big blanket and mommy makes a picnic with yummy bites and then the boys play fetch and we girls just  sunbath. I really love the sun ( mommy thinks I am part cat), but I don’t like the water. I fell into the pool when I was younger and I am really traumatised.



Can you describe mommy/daddy in 3 words?

Mommy: She’s my sun

Daddy: He’s my Hero


What do you love most about your parents?

Everything! They are the best hoomans and the best pawrents for sure.


If your parents were dog breeds, which breed would they be?

Mom would be an elephant. Yes it is a dog breed, because mommy always tells me that Weimaraners are small elephants! We have the same ears and the same skin colour ❤️ Elephants are also the kindest beings and always care so much for their families. Just like my mommy.

Daddy… Mhhh, daddy would be a St. Bernard. He is very protective over his pack and always watches out for us.


What is your favourite colour?

My favorite colour is blue. Blue like the sky or mommy’s eyes.


And what is your favourite toy?

I love stuffed animals. My pawrents always bring me one from their travels, but my all-time favourite toy is mommy’s plush elephant. (Yes, mommy sleeps with a toy too, don’t tell her I told you please, as daddy always teases that she is too grown up… -But if you ask me, we are never too grown up to sleep with a fluffy companion) But back to mommy’s elephant – every night when she comes home from work I rush down to my pawrents bed and steal the little grey ‘Fantaco’ and bring it to my mommy. It always makes her smile, my favourite mommy face.



If the week had only one day, which day would you choose and why?

Saturday or Sunday, as we are together all day long.


If you were president of the world, what would you change?

I would make it mandatory for every hooman family to live with a pet.(or two…) Hoomans are very stressed and we have a way to bring some omm and pure joy back to their lives.

I also would plant more trees. Cities should never be just grey concrete jungles, there should be flowers, trees and parks everywhere. It is very important for the health of all of us and of course, us doggies like being in nature.

And then I would make more beaches pet-friendly. Like in California, where doggies are welcome everywhere.


Moca, we know you have moved on from this world – do you have a message for your mommy who has been very sad since your departure?

Yes!!! Mommy, do not be sad. I am very happy here and I watch you every day. I also have requested already a new trip and I am coming back to your world shortly. Up here they call this journey ‘reincarnation’. I don’t really know what that means, but they promise it makes me get back to my mommy.

I can’t wait🥰🥰🥰


PS: Do you know Alexander Romero, the young artist who drew our logo? Alexander, also known as AJ is an up-and-coming painter, currently residing in New York. He drew this amazing PAWTRAIT of Moca & Me, two beings turned into one.

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