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The dog who helped invent velcro

Sometimes we learn stories that make us pause and go ahhhhhh. Now this one – MILKA – our dog of month July makes us go WOWWWWWWW.

Meet Milka – or shall we say : The velcro dog?


20201223_ValkValley_Burdock seeds (Hawke) (3)


Some time in autumn in 1941, Senhor George de Mestral was hiking with his dog Milka in the Alps of Switzerland. 

All of a sudden something set off Milka’s nose and she stormed into the bushes like a crazy girl. Poor George, rather worried and wearing his thick wooly pants followed her – wading into the thick vegetation to retrieve his furry friend. There was no harm done, only

once back home George spent a lot of time pulling ‘burrs’ from his dog’s coat and from his wool pants. If you are a doggie pawrent or a horse lover, then you most likely know about these problems, as  ‘burdock burrs’ are almost impossible to remove, and if left on the fur (or our own hair) the tangle is very difficult to remove.



But unlike most of us, who just get annoyed by such occasions –  George being a chemical engineer grew his curiosity to look closely at the reason the burrs stuck so well to things…

Hooks. YES that was it – actually a ball of HOOKS, which when able to grasp a loop of material or mat of fur, allowed the whole seed pod to be plucked from the plant and carried away.

So there he was – hooked one may say – spending  the next 10 years experimenting with nylon until he came up with a new way of fasting materials together.

He named his invention, and his company, by combining two French words, “velour” (velvet) and “crochet” (hook) to come up with the known word Velcro.

And this very successful company continues to this day, thanks to one naughty dog named Milka, sniffing up some secrets on a crisp Autumn walk…



Just proves it again – these hoomans need us to make this world a better place.

Woooofies, your Cooka


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