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Marley, our Easter dog

April – I am excited to introduce our Easter dog – a cute beagle named Marley. Yes, like that hippie dude named Bob, which my hoomans like so much…

Hello Marley, I am so woofed to meet you!



First tell me, do you know why you are named Marley?

Yes! My name is Marley because first of all, my mum want a big dog, maybe a retriever, and she imagined this dog would be Marley, like in the movie… but my dad didn’t agree, so… She always loved Beagles, and the first song my parents heard together when they met was from Bob Marley, and it made sense for them to name me this.


When is your barkday?

I was born on the 7th of April, 2020, in Santarém, Portugal.


Do you know your zodiac?

Yes, I’m Aries. Is the personification of courage.


Can you remember the very first moment you met your pawrents?

Oooh yes of course I remember. At the first time I was a little bit shy, but then… I became a crook, until today! Ahah 🙈


Did you find it strange that your pawrents don’t woof and have no fur?

Well I was a little confused and didn’t understand anything they were telling me, but when I saw everything they had prepared for me when I arrived… and I saw their eyes shining, I realized that they had a huge heart like them 🥰



Where is your favourite place at home?

The human bed of course! But the bathroom… We are not friends at all, cause obviously I’m going to take a shower 🙄


Do your pawrents cook for you?

Yeeees, they cook biscuits, air dried treats and sometimes some delicious foodloke chicken, they cook very well 🤤


What is your favourite food?

Wow… what a difficult question! I love eat 😳 I like anything that has chicken, liver, cheese and yogurt


If mommy and daddy were doggos too, what breed you think they would be?

Ahah so funny, my mum could be a Beagle like me 😎 she loves eat, talks a lot and a little loud, is smart, she loves learn and adventures! My dad… Maybe a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler, he is super protective, likes to stay active, is attentive and intelligent, is very loyal to his family!


Would they be good doggies?

Huum… I think they are good doggies, maybe sometimes a little naughty but…mostly good doggies 😜



What you find most strange about hoomans?

I don’t understand why they took a bath every day, I’m mean… Is it really necessary? I also don’t understand why they don’t roll off the grass, it’s so fun 🤔


And what you like about hoomans?

The best thing about humans is that they eat a lot and often have a lot of meals 🤩🤤


If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be and what would you pack in your doggy bag?

Maybe I will visit my brothers and sisters… The 3 items I will pack… FOOD obviously, and my parents, if they couldn’t go, then I would take my favorite toy (bone) and a stick!


Can you describe mom and dad in 3 words?

Mommy: lovely, patient, Irreplaceable

Daddy: loyal, funny, Impatient


And yourself? But honest please!

Me: ‘in need’, energetic and loyal


If you would rule the world, what would you change?

Uuuh I wish, free food all day and everyday 😎, my parents wouldn’t go to work to play with me all day and…There would be no more wars if it was possible…


Are you planning on being a daddy soon?

No, I’m not sterilized but it’s not for the purpose of being a father…



Do you like cats?

Oooh no… Not at all, I hate cats, my grandmother has a cat, I tried to be friends with him, but… He was mean then… I don’t like cats anymore


AND NOW…Mommy time:

What is a challenge of being a dog mommy?

In my opinion, the most challenging part of being a dog mother is understanding all their needs, being present in their life, educating them in a positive way. Give him a good quality of life and of course, try to make him as happy with us as we have been since he came into our lives.


Is Marley your first child?

Yes, he is the first child of the house.


Does Marley sleep in your bed?

Not anymore, he’s grown up and none of us are comfortable, so he prefers to spend the night in his bed, during the day yes, we share a bed, sofa, rugs…


What makes you smile about him?

Whenever we humans hug or kiss he comes running and tries to lick our face or hug our legs, he is really needy and loves to share affection with us, it’s very funny


Did Marley ever cause a big damage?

Thank God he is very calm in this way, so our things he never destroy anything… He only destroy his beds… A lot of beds 😂



Are you planning on growing the pack?

 I’d love to give him a sister, but it’s not possible at the moment, so I focus on giving him lots of love until then.


What advise would you give other pet-parents?

Essentially, that it takes a lot of time and money to guarantee a good quality of life, to be aware that they are partners for life, whatever the circumstances and they need a lot of attention.


What is the biggest reward being a pet parent?

The fact that they are true companions for life, feel that the love you give them is only reciprocal, they adore us and are faithful at all times.

Their company is so valuable…


Does Marley have nick-names?

Uuuh Marley have a lot of nicknames, most of all are invented at the moment but… ‘gordo’ (chubby), ‘príncipe’ (prince), ‘bola’ (Ball), ‘bebé’ (baby), ‘Marlito’… I don’t remember any more at the moment 😅

Thaaank you so much, and sorry for my bad English 🥰😳


Thank you sweet Marley and mommy. We think you are wooferful

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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