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June is in love with Alfa

Hello everypawdy, are you as excited as me, to learn more about beautiful Alfa? She surely is a head-strong girl, being a scorpio.

You can follow Alfa’s adventures on her Insta account @alfa.boxer.



Ola Alfa, shall we start?


First of all, tell us when and where you were born. Do you know your star-sign?

I was born on the 17th of November, in Porto. I’m a scorpion.


Do you remember the moment when you met mommy and daddy for the very first time?

Yes, I remember. It was a very cold night in the trunk of the car.


What was your first thought when you noticed that your new family does not have paws and does not bark?

At first I liked it very much because I would have their attention only for me but now I would love to have a brother so I can always be playing and so I would never be alone.


You are named Alpha. Are you considering yourself the Alpha of your pack?

At least here at home I am.


What is your favorite place at home?

The balcony, I really like to see what is happening on the street.



Does mommy cook for you (If yes, is she a good cook) or do you eat kibble?

Yes mommy also cooks for me. She is not very good at cooking but she is trying very hard.


What is your favorite food?

I love meat.


Your parents are hoomans, but if they would be doggies too, which breed would they be?

I don’t know, I think that race does not define who we are, so whatever my parents’ race would be, we would be equally happy.


What is the thing you find most strange about hoomans?

Never having much free time.


And what thing you like most?

The fact that I get a lot of gifts.


If you could take your pack on a holiday, where would you go? And if you only can pack 3 items in your doggie bag, what would those be?

I think I would choose a very green place with lots of surrounding nature. I would take water, a flashlight and my favorite toy with me.


Describe mommy and daddy in 3 words.

Friends, fighters and very careful.


And yourself?

Reguila, clumsy and very playful.


If you could be President of the world what 3 things would you change?

The biscuits would be free for everyone, the rations would be cheaper and they would have canine parks built in all cities.


You are still very young, but do you think about becoming a mommy one day?

I really like that idea, the best thing about life is being a mother.


Thank you Alfa💖


And now mommy and daddy.




What is the most challenging part about being a doggie pawrent?

We have to think about Alfa before every decision we have to make, whether in terms of holidays and her well-being.


Is Alfa your first child?

She is our first daughter.


Does Alfa sleep with you in the bed?

AAlfa has always slept with us in bed. Now as she grows, it starts to be a challenge for her to sleep in our bed.


What is the one thing that makes you laugh the most about her character?

When she has crazy moments and starts running around the house like crazy.


Did she ever break something or was naughty?

Ah yes, she really likes to challenge us.


Are you planning on having more ‘kids’?

We like to very much.


If you could give advise to new dog parents, what would you tell them?

Doing things as your heart says and thinks and not what other people say.


What do you consider the biggest reward about being a dog parent?

Be our best friend


THANK YOU SO MUCH ALFA and family. We woooof you.


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