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February is all about sweet Love

Sweet like Nutella

It is February and we are celebrating this ‘little thing’ called LOVE.

Love is magic, love is sweet, so it couldn’t be more fitting to have our doggie of the month named NUTELLA.


When and how did this beautiful girl come into your life?

Nutella came into my life about 2 years ago. It’s a very interesting story. I always wanted to have a dog in my family, but no moment felt “the right one”. On a summer vacation in the Alentejo I went to visit a farm of some people from the village and saw Nutella’s litter. All her brothers and sisters.

I can’t explain it to you, but when I saw Nutella in the middle of those 7 puppies I felt like “Yuph, it was for you that I have been waiting all along”.

It was magical.


Nutella… Is there a special reason you named her after our favourite chocolate spread?

Come on, who doesn’t like Nutella? It’s a sweet and delicious, just like my sweet Nutella. Oh, and I do have a sweet tooth, I guess that also had some influence on the name choice.


Are you a first-time doggie mom?

Yes, I’m a first time “paw-momma” and let me tell you, it’s one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.



What do you find the most challenging about pawrent-hood?

So, it’s a very interesting question…and complicated too. Let’s put in these terms … If I could talk to Mafalda from two years ago I would say “guuuurl, read more about it, investigate, talk to other pawrents … In the beginning everything was a challenge, the same question over and over “Am I doing this right?”. For example, in the beginning my biggest challenge was teaching Nutella to pee on the street. She just walked around and did her business wherever, kind of like “don’t bother me with the pee”.


And what is the most rewarding?

Precisely when she made her first “outside pee”. I did that doggie-mom voice that everyone knows and all the neighbourhood knew that Nutella had peed (!)


Is Nutella an easy child?

Yes, easy and very energetic. A beautiful combo!


What does she do that makes you laugh?

It’s hard to choose, she’s a funny dog buuuut… maybe when we get home and she greets us with a bark of happiness that I swear … I never heard a dog bark like that. It’s very funny… I tell everyone that it’ s a registered trademark of Nutella.



And what does she do that makes you crazy? (if anything at all)

There’s nothing that really makes me crazy. Let’s be serious … I look into those sweet love eyes and I melt.


If Nutella had a sister, would she also have such a sweet name?

Oreo, Kinder, Snikers…do I need to say anything else? 😀


Are you thinking to grow your family anytime soon?

Not right now … but only time will tell. Never say never.


What is the favourite toy of Nutella? And her favourite food?

She is completely crazy about the Ikea pig. And food, she really likes salmon and fruits (oh, and Cooka’s Cookies :D)


Does she sleep with you in your bed?

At the beginning I said no, that she had to sleep in her space … but if we share the same house, why not share the feet of the bed, you know? So yes, she has the liberty to sleep with me.


Does she wake you up in the morning?

No, she’s a sleeping beauty.


If you would imagine Nutella as a hooman, what would she be like?

Oh, funny question. So, she would be the mix of Daenerys – the Queen of Dragons-  and Mr. Bean, because she has a HUGE personality, but she’s also very funny and clumsy. Make sense?


Nutella, and now some questions for you.


What do you love most about your mommy?

Glad you ask. First of all I didn’t think it was right to expose my first pee in public and second I love that she loves me with all her heart (very sentimental, I know, and I promise she’s not paying me with cookies to say this).


Can you describe her in 3 words for us?

I can even describe it in one word: Home. Mafalda is my Home and I am her Home too.


Are you dreaming of having a little brother or sister?

I loved having a little brother to play with, but the hooman says I have to be patient.


If you could go on a long Holiday with mommy, where would it be?

In a place with lots of water, because I love to swim with mommy or maybe stay a month in Alentejo – my birth home – and explore all that plains.


Nutella, you know you are named after chocolate, but that is not good for doggies. Do you like sweets? If yes, what is your favourite?

Sintra Bliss from Cooka’s counts like a sweet? It’s my favourite and has sweet potato 😀


Soon it will be Valentines, do you have a surprise planned for mommy?

A surprise is a surprise … I can’t reveal it, can I? Well… I can tell you it involves a walk along the river. Shhhh, it’s a secret.


Learn more about Nutella’s adventures on Instagram @nutella_stagram

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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