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Coco – our favourite Fashion Star

January Dog

This month we are celebrating a very special doggy – COCO is like a super-model of the dog-world and we are in LOVE!!!



Welcome Coco and thank you for being our January Star.

Coco – tell us – does your name have a special meaning? We are thing Coco…like Channel?

My name is Coco 🥥 because I was really small an brown. Most of the people is confused and think I’m a boy.


Tell us, when and where were you born?

I was born in Toledo , Spain 06/05/2020


Do you know your star-sign? And what it means to be that sign?

Of course I Know, I’m Taurus, veryyyyy Faithful, loyal, sensitive and stubborn.



Do you remember the very first moment you met your mommy or daddy?

Sure! She lifted me up and cuddled me next to her heart, by the way – this is still my favourite place to be. Specially if I don feel well.


What was your first thought when you realised your pawrents are not like dogs? No fur, no paws and no barks?

Uhmmm, my mum play on the floor with me and she actually barks more than me 😉


Where is your favourite place to be?

Any place with food is my favourite place.


Does mommy cook for you and if yes, is she a good chef?

Yes, she do it. But my granny does big better.



What is your most loved food?

Chicken with carrot ( at the moment)


If your pawrents would be dogs too, what breed would they be?

My mom would be a street dog, a mix of breeds. Mother of Dogs! 🤣


Would mommy be a good or a naughty doggy?

She will be as good as me and naughty, because we are not a boring dogs family.


What you think is most strange about hoomans?

Why they are so dirty? They take many sowers. I don’t understand. But I love when we go to the country side and play , run and take sun together.



Does mommy ever annoy you?

She is very annoying, she is always giving me hugs and kisses, thousands of kisses 😩


If you could go on a Holiday – where would it be?

Italy and Portugal.


And what 3 things would you pack?

1) My ID tag , to be sure I’ll be back home.

2) Cookas assortment.

3) My favourite toy, Uni, he is with me since my gotcha day.


Describe mommy in 3 words.

Mom is loving, protective and crazy.


And yourself?

Im loving, protective and crazy.  ( I’m her daughter)



Do you sleep in mommy’s ‘basket’?

Im always where mum is, her bed is my bed, my bed is my bed, her leg is my bed, the sofa is my bed, the carpet is my bed….


If you would be PAWSIDENT, what would you change?

I could manage this responsibility, but I will stop the wards, I help people in needed and I found a family for each dog/person alone.


Are you dreaming to become a mommy yourself?

Im too young. I love to be the baby.


You are our JANUARY DOG. Do you like this month and if yes, why?

It’s fab, to be the dog of the first month. January is the start of the year, new things to learn, new experience to get, new food to eat, new time together.


Do you love cloth and dressing up?

To dress up is my speciality, I love it!

I’m very fashionable and even been a curvy model , I love to show how I wear the Clothes.



What scares you?

The pirotecnia 🧨 this scare me so much. Please stop.


Do you ever misbehave?

Probably more than one time…but I don’t remember.


Did you go to school? or are you in school now?

Yes, I went to school to socialice.


What trick would you like to teach mommy?

To give me food all the time! This is the best trick 😉


What is your biggest dream?

My dream is be healthy and have a long happy life with my family 🤍


Thank you so much Coco. You are as funny as you are cute! we vote for you as our new PAWSIDENT any time…



And now mommy’s turn:

Is Coco your first baby?

Yes , Coco it’s my first baby!


What you love most about Coco?

Her face. She is very expressive. She make me laugh all day long.


Is Coco ever naughty?

Yes, of course , but in a funny way.


Did you consider getting more children?

Never say never…


What advise would you give new pet parents?

Nothing but love. As mum dog you learn step by step because every one is different.



What is the biggest challenge about being a dog mom?

To keep Coco safe, healthy and happy.

I’m feel devastated when she eat something on the street and we didn’t know if she could survive.


And what is the best reward for a pet mom?

Your doggie is your responsibility, you have to give the best food, all vaccines and the most of your time to make sure your baby has the best life.


Does Coco have more nick names?

Every day, every people create a new nickname for Coco hahaha…Cokito, cokiboo, cokina, cokitina, ratón, enana, cokita, pequeña, babe, baby, bebé

Never ends…


Thank you for your questions

It’s been a pleasure to share it.

Have a nice day


Coco y Esther 



"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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