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Our October girl

Hello fur-friends. We like you to meet Chiara our October girl. Welcome Chiara – oh my dog…you are a real cutie! 



Chiara, please tell us – does your name have any special meaning? 

Yes! My mom lived in Italy for a while and she loved the name Chiara so she decided to give me this name! 


When were you born? And where? 

I was born on 28th of January 2021 in Valada, Portugal. 


Do you know your star-sign? Do you know what are the most characteristics for your sign and do you think it’s like you? 

I am an Aquarius and my mom is a Scorpio and I actually think I relate more with mom’s sign than mine 😛 


Do you remember the moment when you met mommy/daddy for the very first time? 

Yes I do. Mom was waiting for a few weeks to meet me and she was so excited. It was such an especial moment. I did not came home with her on this day which was the hardest part. 


What was your first thought when you noticed that your pawrents do not have paws and do not bark or have furry skin and a tail? 

My first thought was to punish them by peeing all over their house 😀 But couldn’t help to follow mom everywhere in the house, even when she went to take a bath. 



What is your favourite place at home? And which place you don’t like at all? 

I love the kitchen because people always manage food there and I always end up getting something… There is no place I don’t like actually. 


Does mommy/daddy cook for you? If yes, is she/he a good cook? What is your favorite food? 

I eat BARF so mom actually cooks for me and she prepares all my meals. I can’t complain about her cooking skills. I like almost everything, not a picky eater at all. My favorite food is presunto but I never eat it. So unfair… 


Your parents are hoomans, but if they would be furry too, what kind of breed would they be? 

I think she would actually be an Australian sheperd too. We are so similar in every way. Very active and loves to exercise, loves being outside, loves the beach, going for brunch to pet friendly places with me… Perfect combination ☺ 



Would they be good doggies? Or naughty? 

Hahaha. Maybe as naughty as me! 


What is the thing you find most strange about hoomans? And what thing you like most? 

I think it’s strange they eat about 5 times per day and I only eat two. It’s quite unfair… I love the fact that they include me in their plans and take me everywhere. 


Does your hooman ever annoy you? 

Yes. She actually likes to play rough with me like she could ever win that battle… 


If you could take your pack on a holiday, where would you go? And if you only can pack 3 items in your doggie bag, what would those be? 

I would go somewhere with beach definitely. I would pack my favorite toy, my BARF and yummy snacks. 


Describe mommy in 3 words. And daddy? 

My mom is loving, sweet and fun. 

(mom’s boyfriend doesn’t live with us but I love him too) 


And yourself? 

Happy, stubborn (my middle name), goofy. 


Do your pawrents let you sleep in ‘their basket’? 

Yes, they do. They let me go once and now I go by myself all the time. Especially now that is getting colder. 


If you could be President of the world what 3 things would you change? 

1- Make everything pet friendly. My mom would love to take me everywhere with no exceptions 

2- Create more green places in the cities with special spots for dogs 

3- Change legislation about animal mistreating. If you hurt an animal you could hurt a person too, so you should have stronger punishments for this. 


Do you think about becoming a pawrent one day? 

Yes, I am actually going to have one litter in the future. 


You are our October dog and our Halloween Star. Do you like Halloween? If yes, what’s your favourite thing about it? And do you dress up for this special occasions? – And please tell us – do you actually like dressing up? 



My family actually grew up in USA so yes, Halloween is very special to us. To be honest we think that in Portugal the magic of Halloween practically doesn’t exist because people never experienced the true amazing Halloween traditions. But the thing we love the most is the Halloween spirit. I actually don’t mind so much to dress up but my mom is annoying and makes me take a thousand pictures after… 


Do you get scared of anything? 

I am terrified of the vaccum cleaner actually. 


Do you ever misbehave? 

Nowadays not so much. But I like to steal mom’s clothes and run through the house with them. 


Do you go to school? If yes, do you like learning new tricks and which trick is your favourite? 

I don’t go to school but I know a lot of tricks. My favorite is sit pretty. 


Talking tricks, what trick would you like to teach your parents (if you could) 

Hahaha. Maybe roll around. It would be funny to see them doing this in the middle of the park. 


How do you keep your fur so beautiful, do you often go to a spa? 

I actually never went to the spa. My mom does everything by herself. Monthly baths with good products and daily brushing works for me. 



What are your dreams for the future? 

I actually just hope that everything stays like this. Lot’s of quality time with my humans and some good snacks on the way ☺ 


Thank you 💖 


And now mommy/daddy: 


Is Chiara your first fur baby? 

Growing up I always had pets but Chiara is the first baby that I have all by myself. 


What is the one thing that makes you laugh the most about Chiara? 

The funny faces she makes. She is so expressive. And her reactions to the strangest things, like for example she hates the smell of my lipbalm and my deodorant so she runs when she sees them 😛 


Is Chiara ever being naughty? 

Yes, especially to get our attention. She steals my slippers and clothes all the time. Or random things in the house. 


Are you planning on having more ‘kids’? 

For now, no. But in the future, I would love too! 


If you could give advise to new dog pawrent, what would you tell them? 

Don’t stress so much when they are babies and destroy everything in the house and pee everywhere. I was actually quite relaxed with this but the first days with her at home where a little ruff because I was alone with Chiara and she required so much attention. Like an actual baby! 


What is the most challenging part about being a dog mom/dad? 

I think is the realization that your whole life and routines need to change. I think having Chiara all by myself made me grow up so much and have a greater sense of responsibility, which is actually great. 


And what do you consider the biggest reward about being a dog parent? 

I think it is the unconditional love that she has for her people. Her reaction when she sees me is completely priceless. Dogs are the best thing in the world really. The love I have for this baby in unmeasurable. 


How many nick-names does Chiara have? 

A lot: Kiki, Kizinha, Ki, Keeks, Chiara Maria (when she misbehaves) 


Thank you so much. We woooof you 

We woof you too! <3 We are so excited to be a part of the family!!! 

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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