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April loves GIL

This month we are meeting a very special doggie, whom is also one of Cooka’s favourite mascots.



When and where were you born and where?

I was born in 1st of August of 2020 in Cantanhede, Coimbra, Portugal


Do you know your star sign?

My sign is a leo.



Do you remember the first time you met your pawrents?

Yes, it was after a long trip from the north of Portugal to Lisbon. As soon as I saw my mom she took me in her arms for the first time and immediately gave me a lot of kisses and affection.  It was love at first sight.


Was it weird when you noticed that your parents don’t bark and have no paws?

Not really, my mom plays with me a lot and I like her anyway.


Does Gil have a special meaning?

As the jacks are very energetic and stubborn,  mom wanted a simple and easy name to call.  Gil looked simple and beautiful.  At the same time he seemed to fit well with my goofy side.


What is your favourite place at home?

My favorite place is the backyard, where I can run, dig and sunbathe.  But on rainy and cold days I prefer the sofa or my bed.



What food do you normally eat?

I eat dry dog ​​food, with a higher protein content.

Out of meal time I also eat some cookies, fruits and chew some natural snacks. Mom tries to buy snacks that are as natural as possible and with the least amount of chemicals and additives.


What is your all-time favourite food?

My top favorites are: the “beijinhos” and beef bones (from Cooka’s Cookies) 🤤, apples and Dehydrated Chicken or duck Breast Fillets.



If your mom and dad were dogs, what breed would they be?

Regardless of breed, mom would have to be a dog with a lot of patience to be able to put up with my crazy side 😂.


What you find most odd about hoomans?

Their weak ability to keep up with my running speed 😏 and the fact that they sleep so many hours (I don’t understand, I don’t need so many hours of sleep 🙄).


And what you like most about hoomans?

Their ability to understand my needs even without me being able to talk to them and the way they  take care of me.  I am grateful and happy to have someone who protects me and gives me so much love.


If you were hooman, what would be your favourite job?

I would be a gardener, I’m an expert at digging and pulling out all the weeds that are not supposed to exist.  I’m an expert 😏



Do you like kittens?

Yes, I have a cat brother but he doesn’t have to much patience to play with me.  I would like it better if he paid me more attention.


If you could take your pawrents on a trip, where would you go?

A place with beach or countryside to stroll and run a lot.


And if you could pack just 3 things, what would those be?

My Cooka’s cookies and treats, my stuffed toy and if I can my human too!  (can’t leave without her)


Can you describe mommy or daddy in few simple words?

Patient, attentive and caring.


And if you can describe yourself in 3 words?

Playful, energetic and sweet.


If you were voted KING or PRINCE OF PORTUGAL, what would be your first change of law?

All places would be pet friendly 😉


Are you planning to fall in love and make your own pack (with paws?)

I’m still only 8 months old and I haven’t thought about it much, but who knows 🤷‍♀️.


And now MOMMY AND DADDY questions


What is the most difficult part about being a dog pawrent?

All dogs are like humans and have different personalities.  It’s important to understand each dog according to its qualities and defects. It’s important to try to understand the reason for certain wrong behaviors in order to help them overcome them in the best way possible. that’s the biggest challenge.



Is Gil your first child?

No, I’ve always had dogs since I was a child.


Doses Gil sleep with you, in your bed?



What is the one thing about Gil that makes you laugh the most?

The fact that he is adventurous and not afraid of anything despite being so small.  I find the crazy runs and the jumps he makes also very funny.


What was the most naughty thing Gil ever did?

One day he hunted a bird in the yard and ran away with it in his mouth. He has a very keen hunter instinct 😬.


Are you planning on growing the pack?

Not for now.


What would be your advice to new dog-parents?

We can never forget that dogs do not speak and we are the ones who have to try to interpret and understand them. They are much more helpless beings and depend a lot on us. They are eternal children. Therefore, it is necessary to have time, patience and a lot of love to give.  Above all that, be attentive caregivers because they deserve all the best. All the love they give us in return change our lives for the better way and and will always make up for all the nonsense and destruction they might do some days.


What is the biggest reward for being a dog pawrent?

The unconditional and loyal love at all times ❤️



Thank you Gil…You are just wooferful,


Your Cooka

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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