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Gucci, the sweetest Jack Russel

Gucci has been in Margarida’s family for almost a year, ‘which has been the best year of their lives’, she tells us with a big smile.

“We had never had a dog and I confess it was a bit challenging, as she was not an easy puppy. But she has changed a lot since she grew into a little lady and now she’s just a BIG sweetheart.

She adores the beach, loves playing with balls and likes to meet new friends, even if sometimes she is a little bit afraid of them. She’s always with me, we play, we walk and we even sleep together and I could never have asked for a better dog-daughter.


What made you decide to get a puppy dog?

Okay, I wanted a dog since I remember but my parents only allowed me to have one last year. Gucci is my first dog, so we decided to choose a puppy, that allows us to experience everything!


What was the inspiration for the name Gucci?

Her name does not have a great history, we just liked it, so that’s why we choose Gucci.


What was the most challenging time at puppyhood?

Oh my, Gucci was a bit of a nightmare. She chewed my shoes, my bags, my clothes, tv cables, phones, literally everything! I have to confess that some carpets didn’t survive to the hurricane called Gucci and her poops…


What is Gucci’s favorite food?

She’s really picky with food, only eats kibble with pate and doesn’t like every treat. Obviously she loves human food, and my mom is the one to blame! Her favorite food are definitely “castanhas”, she gets crazy about them!


What is Gucci’s favorite place for a walk?

Walks on the beach are for sure her favorites!


What is the best thing about being a doggy-mom?

Being a doggy-mom is so grateful because they are always there for us, and they love us no matter what.

As Josh Billings said “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”.


Do you have nicknames for Gucci?

Guccizinha is our favorite nickname for her.


Are you thinking to get a little brother or sister one day for Gucci?

I would love to give Gucci a little brother or sister but I don’t think that would happen in the near future, sadly for me. Maybe in a few (good) years we’ll be here telling  their story, who knows…


If you could describe Gucci in just 3 words, what would they be?

Cute, crazy and playful!


Thank you Cooka and Crew for all the kindness and the pawsome Cookies.


With love,

Gucci and Margarida



PS: Follow Gucci’s adventure on Instagram @gucci_thejack

Photocredit: @focob_mila

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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