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July Dog

Becca - The Therapy dog

DOG OF MONTH : Beccas, a therapy dog that supports people.

Dear Beccas,

1- Tell us, does your name have any special meaning? What was the inspiration?

My name comes from the children’s series SESAME STREET. My mom always loved the series.


2- How old are you and where were you born?

I’m 9 years old. I was born on January 25, 2014 in Almeirim, Portugal. 


3- Do you remember the moment you met your mom for the first time? How was your arrival?

Yes! When my mommy picked me up, there was me and a sis. I was there playing on the grass and Mom fell in love. She grabbed me and hasn’t let go! I came to my mum in April 2014. My arrival was troubled because I got very sick in the car, but nowadays I’m used to it and I always go very calmly.


4- What was your first thought when you noticed that your human didn’t have paws, didn’t bark or had fur and a tail like you?

Well… I thought it was strange to let go of my 4 leg mom but now I fell super lucky to have this human mum! I thought at first she was crazy… she talks to me like I’m a baby… and she still does! It’s strange that she can walk without 4 legs, but I really like her!!


5- What do you find most strange in humans? And what do you like most about them?

What I find strange are their attitudes…. just a short time ago, mom was really upset about an abandoned puppy… I don’t understand how humans do this to us! What I like the most is the love they give me! The cuddles, the play time… and mainly… they give me FOOD. 



6- Describe your mom in 3 words.

Friend, Affectionate, Dedicated – My dearest mother!


7- And you? How is your personality?

I have a strong personality! sometimes I’m stubborn!! But I’m a very spoiled, calm, very serene girl and I love sleeping on my back in mommy’s bed!


8- Do you like to learn new tricks? If so, what’s your favorite trick?

Yes! Learning tricks means having cookies! Ahahah. I really like what I’m learning now: ring a bell! But I know how to give both paws, ask, crawl, thank you, give 5 more… I do some basic things.


9- What if you could teach your human a trick? What would you teach him?

Humm I think I taught her how to make COOKIES appear!! Ahahah but she says I can’t be eating cookies all the time, i have to stay in shape. 


10- Now… talking about food. Are you greedy?

Have you not realized that yes? ahahah


11- Does your mom cook for you? If yes, do you think she is a good cook? What do you eat regularly?

No. Only when I have a bad tummy does she make boiled chicken, which I adore!



12- What is your favorite food or snack?

Cookas’ kisses are divine!!!


13- Is there any food that you really don’t like?

Hmm, not yet! I eat everything!


14- If you could choose a place to take your human on vacation, which place would you choose?

Anywhere with a beach!!


15- What would be the 3 items that could not be missing in your “dog bag”?

Cookies, My collars to always dress to match mommy and the Phone to record all moments. 


16- We know that you work with your human to help others, through assisted therapies. In advance, we congratulate you for that. Can you tell us a little about how the initiative came about?

Yeah, I’m a therapy girl. This came up a lot because of my mom’s life story. Since I’ve been in her life, she noticed that I worked as a “stress relief” and decided to investigate. She decided to do a Graduation on Animal Assisted Interventions and created the a project related to that named “momentos Patudos” ! I currently accompany an elderly woman with dementia, and the results are incredible! It’s a super rewarding job!


17- Was the training process difficult for you to do this specialization in assisted therapies? How was the learning process?

No. I already had pretty much the necessary basic training. The process is time consuming. It is necessary to be able to “not react” to balls for example, and all this is worked on. I was the best student in my class and everything! I’m proud of my mum!

18- If other furry friends are interested in following in Beccas’ footsteps, what steps should they follow in terms of education and training?

First of all, it is good to understand that not all dogs are able to be a therapy dog. But if you want to follow in my footsteps, I advise you to talk to José Fernandes from DTC Arcos. Zé is an example of consistent, focused work, and above all a super rewarding job! 

19- Speaking of dreams… what are your dreams for the future?

Making my mom happy

20- You are our July star. What do you like most about this month?

I love it, it’s summer! Being able to go to the beach with mommy!


21- If you could be president, what immediate changes would you make in today’s world?

Strictly enforced all animal protection laws! I would fight for our rights!


22- We know you have a lot of news to reveal soon. Can you unravel a little the tip of the veil, here for us?

Humm yes I have some… I can only say that it will be memorable!


23- Finally, tell us something that nobody knows about you… a secret of yours?

Hmm a secret? My mom loves the Lion King, and since I’m brown, she calls me “Pumbaa” and Boar from time to time, but it’s always in a sweet way. 


And now questions for mom:



1- Is Beccas your first dog?

I had dogs when I was little. But only mine, Beccas is the first. She is my first big LOVE.


2- How did the idea of ​​creating social networks for Beccas come about?

It came about when I was taking photos of Beccas and they told me: Ah, Beccas is so photogenic… That clicked and I thought: Let’s create a page. It was a bit of a joke.


3- We really like Beccas and we know that she is very loved by the public. What is the main message you would like to pass on to the public that follows you?

The main message we want to convey is undoubtedly the love of animals. They are part of our family, we have to treat them as such. People forget one thing: we humans have friends…. dogs don’t have anyone but us! We must give them all the love they deserve, because their love is the truest in the world!

Also leave a message regarding abandonment! Leaving them is a crime!! Once again I say: they deserve all the love in the world! Abandoning an animal is incredibly cruel and cowardly.

Finally, a message of thanks for all the love you give us! You are the best!


4- Does Beccas have a nicknames? What does the family call her regularly?

Beccas is: Beccas, the Chocolate Princess.

I also call her: “Filha”, “filhota”, bebé”, “pipoca”, Be, and Pumbaa and Boar (Because of the Lion King). 


5- We know that dogs make some messes or are trouble (mostly when they are babies). Do you remember the worst mess Becca’s ever made?

YES!!!! Ate me a table and 4 wooden chairs!!! I got home and my kitchen looked like a sawmill full of wood on the floor! But it’s part!



6- And a hilarious moment? Or a funny situation that both of you have gone through?

Humm I don’t remember any… we have so many moments together. But it’s always hilarious when I walk with her on the street, or I go to cafes, and she keeps looking at what other people are eating, to see if she can have something. Not long ago I walked into a pet store with her and the next thing I knew, she was eating some snaks that were in the box for sale…. I don’t know how many she ate… But she was all happy!


5- If you could give advice to new pet parents  what would you say?

Before having an animal think about several important points:

– If you have time for it;

– If you are willing to spend money on it;

– If you are physically able to have it;

– If you are available to give them lots of love!

Only with all this is it possible to have an animal. Having a animal is not just having them at home. You need to educate, feed, care, and give him lots of love!


6- What do you think is the most challenging part of being a pet mom ?

The education is undoubtedly the most challenging. They are like children. They learn, but they are constantly challenging and testing us to see if they can go further than what we allow.


7- Has Beccas changed your life? If so, tell us how she impacted you?

Undoubtedly! Beccas brought a light into my life that I didn’t have! Beccas is like I usually say: My heart outside my body!




8- Can you share with us an incredible and unforgettable moment you spent with Beccas, something you will never forget?

I don’t remember a specific moment… but I know that every moment with her will stay in my memory and I will never forget. Beccas is THE DOG of my life!


We woof you Becca. Thank you for being sooo PAWSOME

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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