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Cofee-shops with furry staff?

Yes, at Corgi in the garden

If heaven was a place on earth, it might be a Corgi Café.

Have you heard about the corgi coffee shop boom around Asia?

But everything started with….an oversized litter in busy Bangkok…YES.

Tanchanok Kanawaong, owner of the infamous ‘Corgi in the Garden’ says that when she realized that two of her dogs had seven puppies, she just wanted to share the love and joy with everyone.…Her fur-filled heaven serves up a mean matcha latte and plenty of puppy snuggles.

When customers arrive at this amazing Bangkok location, they are greeted by a bunch of adorable and cuddle-addicted corgis. Rather funny dogs, they are short and stubby with these really goofy characteristics.

Thirsty doggie lovers can pay 11 bucks for an hour of ‘corgi-session’ and lots of selfie taking with Porkchop, Blossom, Butter, Barley, Dean, Bluebell, Quinn…

And it seems Mrs Kanawaong has started a serious trend here, as corgi and other doggie coffee-shops are opening their doors all over Asia and even the US and the UK.

PS: Now, how do I explain to Cooka that a flight to Thailand is really not a good idea…?

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