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Cookie Giveaway with a cause

Helping dogs in need

These have not been easy times. The lock-down has lasted already more than 4 weeks and we are getting ‘anxious’ to return to our old life.

Return to freedom.

But no matter how challenging these days have been, we always have each other. We have cuddles, we have warmth and we always have a little cookie to say I WOOF YOU for our pets. But imagine all these little fluff-babies without anything … Only HOPE

Just to imagine under quarantine there is even more limited access and support for the countless of rescue organisations throughout the country.



To share a little tail-wagging hapiness Cooka’s decided to send 4kg of cookalicious treats to the favourite RESCUE ORGANISATION. For this we asked more than 299 friends and fans on Social Media to vote and it was a tight race. 

UPPA and RAFEIROSOS were the big winners and since we could not really choose, we just sent 4kg to both! After all, caring is sharing.


THIS IS A BIG WOOOOF to everyone out there, helping animals in need, especially in these difficult times.



"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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