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A 'Whooof' from The Furry 5

Woof from Cookas Best Friends
The Furry 5
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Hello, I am Sherlock, Cooka’s dashing other half. When I met Cooka it was love at first bite. I just couldn’t resist those cookies and few months later we had a basket full of little fur babies. How do those ‘hoomans’ say: Love goes through the tummy? It sure does! Oh, and you may wonder. I am named after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, because I will always sniff out the truth (Mum says I have a good nose).

Hello friends, I am Moca, Cooka’s sister. Well we are not real sisters, but that makes no difference, as I love her just as much. Even though she can be a real rascal and I have a few scars from her fights. But that is long behind us, as she finally agreed to let me teach her some yoga poses and they really relax her, especially after a long baking session.

Hi there, I am Kelly, Cooka’s youngest sister. I must admit I am a bit envious of her success, as everyone always loves Cooka and I feel a bit left out. I might not be good in the kitchen, but I am a smart cookie. No matter where Cooka will hide her latest batch and no matter how difficult the lock, I will always find a way to open it. But shhhh, don’t tell her, as she thinks it’s daddy stealing the treats. Maybe one day I can help run the business, as mom says with my IQ ‘the world is my bone’.

Hello I am Arista, Cooka’s cousin. It is amazing how Cooka grew into such a talented young lady. When she was a puppy, everyone worried about her, as she had a very wild temper and a tendency to destroy everything. I still remember how she would chew up all of mommy’s wooden cooking spoons. Only later I thought, maybe it was, because already back then she wanted to be a Chef?

Hi there, I am Pluto. I am new here, but Cooka calls me her little brother. I cannot tell you much about my sister, but I really loooove her cookies. I grew up on the streets and never had such delicacies before, so I am really thankful.

Whoooof from
The Furry 5


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