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'Doglish' is my favourite language

Woof from Sales & Communications Manager and Chief Animal Whisperer
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Hello, I am Graca, a real Lisbonetta. I can easily speak to animals and understand them, but humans are a bit trickier for me.

My passion for animals started already at a very young age, when I brought abandoned dogs and cats back home. Since my parents were very strict and did not allow any animals in the house, I would try to hide them under my bed… You can imagine that this didn’t work well.

My father was a successful gold smith with his own shop in Lisbon and always dreamed of his daughter following his steps, but it was always nature that has been calling me and once I was old enough to have my own home I moved to a small village by the sea and opened my doors to all animals in need.

I studied law, but gave up after 5 years (too much time indoors) to follow my dream of journalism and photography and in 1987 I started the first Surf magazine of Portugal. A real Pioneer project that against all waves and winds lasted 16 years. After chasing waves for so many years I went back to my true nature: animals, and started a Pet magazine.

I guess I am a bit of an entrepreneur, as even in elementary school I was already selling silk-worms to my class mates.

I love all animals, but always had a special connection with the wild spirit of huskies, which led me to the sport of sledging. My dream was to create the best team with strong and healthy dogs and in total harmony with their human leaders.

That time thought me a lot on how to communicate with animals and the importance of nutrition.

I guess it was only natural to become a dog-trainer, but lizards, rabbits and even snakes? I had no idea I could train most animals, until I was hired for movies and advertisements and my clients came in all kind of size and shape. The biggest challenge was a snake and I am not sure I would try it again.

It was on one of these training sessions that I met Aline and Bubi. Sharing the same passion for nature, animals and a healthy life-style we started dreaming about an honest food company for dogs (and cats).

As the CAW (Chief Animal Whisperer) I can only repeat what those wagging tails are telling me. Those cookies are cookalicious!

And, they are the only cookies that our furry families can share with us. (if they let us)

Beijinhos (kisses)


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"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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