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From cat-walk to pet-talk.

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Hello everyone. I am Aline, Cooka’s mom and passionate co-founder of Cooka’s Cookies.

It is not easy bringing up Weimis, they have a very strong mind. ‘School term’ was a hard one, thank you Grace, but once Cooka grew out of naughty puppy-hood and we decided to follow her dream of a ‘people food’ pet bakery we became the pawfect pair and there is no place we’d rather be than in the kitchen.

I grew up in Germany (The eastern part, behind the wall) where life was rather simple, yet wholesome. The little food we had was always fresh and unprocessed and I learned from a young age to appreciate the magic of the kitchen. Watching grandma snip and snap and stir and steam was like a fairy tale. Nothing turned into something and thoooose smells…Mhhh, I will never forget them.

When I turned old enough to decide what to do with life I left to see the world. Being tall and rather skinny, yes, even with all these delicious meals granny cooked-up (probably cause they were so natural and healthy), I started modeling and went on a fashionable whirlwind around the globe. I saw the world, I felt the world, but most important, I tasted the world. While other girls spent their fortunes on fashion and beauty products, I just wanted to eat well. Visiting farmers markets, trying local dishes and tasting star-rated cuisine, that was my kind of happiness.

‘One day I will open my own restaurant or my own bakery’, I wished back then, but little did I know that this dream would come true, just not for ‘us’, but for our furry families instead.

I love to cook, I love to bake, I love nature. At home we grow our own veggies and fruit, we keep goats and sheep for fresh milk and a flock of rowdy hens for eggs. We try to be a s self-sustainable as possible and food is never wasted.
When I am not at the bakery, busy trying new recipes or hunting invasive weeds I enjoy taking the furry kids (and husband) for long walks on the beach. The sea always knows how to recharge my battery and the simple pleasure of watching our dogs run wild and chasing waves fills my heart with pure joy. There is Cooka the Rebel Chef, Moca the family yogini and Sherlock, the ultimate gentleman. Then there is Pluto, the little rescue Disney character, Arista, another rescue who is the house-protector and Kelly, the newest girl in town with Einstein’s IQ. We think she might take over the business soon…

With heaps of love from my kitchen,

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"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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