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Valentine’s Ideas for a furry kind of LOVE


14.of February is the day to celebrate LOVE. If you are as smitten with your furry kids as us, then check out our Valentines ideas to say I WOOOOF YOU!



Romantic dinner for two (or more)

How about cooking up a special menu which can be shared between you and your dog(s)? Here is Cooka’s LOVE menu idea:

Starter: Bacon wrapped asparagus

(NOTE: At Cooka’s we don’t add black pepper. Just asparagus, olive oil and good quality bacon. Please remember that bacon is not the healthiest of foods and has a lot of salt. So this should be just a special treat for your dog)



Main: Oven-roast honey glazed chicken

(Note: Once the chicken is ready to be carved, cut special pieces for your pup. Preferably just lean meat, without the skin and of course NO BONES. Cooked chicken bones can be rather dangerous)



Side: Sweet potato mash

(Note: Do not use sugar in this recipe. At Cooka’s we just use a little honey, a glug of olive oil and a little cinnamon)



Dessert: Banana cake with spelt flour

(Note: To add a special something top the slice of cake for your fur-valentine with our Chicken Love cookies)




A cuddly movie night

If you are in the mood to have a cuddly stay- in, how about a movie night complete with homemade popcorn?

One of Cooka’s all-time favourite is Disney’s ‘The Lady and the Tramp’.

As for the popcorn, if you are sharing with the fur-friends, best to use coconut oil for popping and salt should only be added on the hooman portion.


A box of ‘chocolates’

Flowers and chocolates are the most common gifts for romantic Valentines, but as we all know chocolates are a no-no for furry lovers.

But we have a solution, because there is carob, or as Cooka calls it: Dogcolate❤️ This doggie-friendly chocolate substitute is highly nourishing and beneficial for doggies and us(!) and makes for a pawfect little sweet something. 

‘Algarve Secret’ Barkissinis are the way to celebrate that special dog in your life.

PS: Did you know that there is a kiss in every BarKISSini?


Go on an adventure 

Want to get away with your best friend? This year Valentines falls on a Friday, perfect timing for a few days away from it all.

Check airbnb for a pet-friendly cabin in the mountains or the beach, pack your friend’s favourite toys, basket and gear and escape for a romantic bonding weekend.


Get a drawing of your love

Lately we have become a bit obsessed with pet drawings. There is @redfeelink who turns your fur-child into a comic hero or @dressedfur who creates a fusion of you and your pet. Think doggie face with mom’s or dad’s body and clothing.



Love jar

Anyone said cheesy? But hey, LOVE is nothing but cheesy, and that’s how we want it. So how about a doggie-love-jar? You know, like the ones we used to do when we were young and in crazy cotton-candy loveland. This is how it works: Every time you think of a reason you love your doggie, write it down and put it in that jar. And when Valentine’s 2024 is back, take them out and read them one by one to your oogle-eyed pup.

We LOVE the handcrafted jar and leash holder from @wood_idea_. Multi-usage is always a good idea.



A massage

We all can benefit from a relaxing massage and so do our dogs. Turn on some spa-tunes and scented candles and give your doggie a gentle rub. If your furry child is fond of a bath, we recommend Cooka’s Dog wash, as it smells heavenly…


Write a love letter or poem

Doggies give us endless love. No matter how bad a day has been, we come home to a wagging tail, always excited, always full of pure JOY and admiration. Just sit down and put all this LOVE and gratefulness into a letter or a poem, or if you are playing an instrument, you could even write a love song for your pup.



Donate to your favorite shelter or rescue – in your doggie’s name

Your dog already has the best gift in Life. YOU! But so many other pups are still waiting for the day they can celebrate VALENTINES with someone who really loves them. By giving a little help to some of these homeless doggies, in the name of your dog, you are spreading LOVE and hope.


Make a playlist

No joke—dogs love music too, though they may not enjoy the same tunes you jam to in the car. Collect a playlist of calming music (think classical) to play for them when you’re not home, or to listen to together on a lazy day.



For a super special treat order one of our LOVE cakes. Available in large or medium or as LITTLE HEARTBREAKERS in smaller sizes, these freshly baked meat-pies are the pawfect way to say I WOOF YOU.



We wish you lots of love and plenty of snuggles.


Your Cooka


"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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