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August Star


August is the month of Arya – a cat who knows to melt some hearts…Even me, being a doggy, I must say – she is JUST SO BEAUTIFUL…

Enjoy…Your Cooka


1- Dear Arya please tell us – does your name have any special meaning? What’s the inspo behind it?

At the time, Game of Thrones was a very popular show that my humans liked. They named me Arya, because like the character, I’m small and independent! Fits like a glove!



2- When were you born? And where?

I was welcomed in November, but I was born around August, in a cat colony with my brother!


3- Do you remember the moment when you met mommy/daddy for the very first time? How was it?

Yes! And I didn’t quite like them! I was scared of humans! On top of that, they took me on 2 hours ride, in a carrying.


4- What was your first thought when you noticed that your pawrents do not have paws and do not  have furry skin and a tail?

I found it really weird! Nor fur to lick and tail to wag?! What a weirdos!

5- What is the thing you find most strange about humans ? And what thing you like most?

Can you believe they clean themselves up with water!? I’ve tried to teach them to use their tongue, but they don’t seem to understand.
I love when they shop goodies for me, but most importantly, when they give me cuddles.


6- Does your hooman ever annoys you?

Sometimes, when I specifically ask for food, they give me cuddles instead.



7- Describe your pawrents.

They are very caring. Give me loads of cuddles, attention and playtime. But they also get mad when I try to steal a piece of chicken from the kitchen counter.


8- And how would you describe yourself? Tell us, about your personality.

I’m calm and affectionate. I really like to be at peace, watching the world out of the windows. But from time to time, I also get mad!


9- We know you have a dog brother. What’s his name? And how is the relationship between the two of you? How was it when you first met him?

Yes, I have! His name is Kiba! We have your typical cat dog relationship. Either we are chill or mad at each other! Overall, we make a good team, especially when we are pranking our pawrents or plotting to steal a piece of chicken!
The first we met was very annoying. He was energetic and excited all the time, and I just wanted to sleep.


10- What’s your favorite game to play with your human or brother ? Do you have a favorite toy?

I’m a very simple cat! All I need is a string attached to something and I’m good!


11- Do you have a favourite place at home? Where do you like to sleep and take naps?

Yes! The corner of the sofa by the windows is my spot! It’s my go to place to watch the birds and fall asleep. Except when it’s nighttime, I like to sleep with my humans!


12- Do you usually go for walks or do you prefer to stay at home?

I usually stay at home. The humans tried to take me on walks, but I’m easily scared. One time we went to a giant sand box! Or as they call it: the beach.


13- Tell us how does your usual diet consist of?

Mostly dry food and from time to time, some pâté! I also steal some of my brother snacks when he’s training!



14- Do you have a favorite food/snack “guilty pleasure”?

I think by now everyone knows I’m a foodie! But my favorite one is pâté and cheese!


15- Is there any food or flavour that you really hate ?

I absolutely hate vegetables and fruit! It’s a big no for me!


16- Do you get scared of anything?

I get scared easily, especially with loud noises and sudden moves. But day by day I get more confident!


17- Do you ever misbehave? If yes, what was the worst mess you made? have you ever destroyed something at home?

Never! But my humans think otherwise. One they got angry at me, because I open the windows and slipped away! Other than that, I’m very calm and don’t really scratch the furniture.


18- What does a puurfect day for you consist of?

Belly full of food, a warm blanket and my pawrents giving me loads of cuddles (and the dog in the garage!)


19- What are your dreams for the future?

Unlimited food, forever! And that I always have my pawrents around!



20- Please… tell us something nobody knows about you… a secret.

I’m very fearful and distrustful, but no matter how much I hiss, I never scratched anyone! I’m incapable of hurting a fly!


21- If you could be President of the world what 3 things would you change?

If I was the president, I would demand free food for everyone! Dogs would be our slaves and every cat would have a loving home!


22- You are our August kitty. Do you like this month? If yes, what’s your favourite thing about it?

I love it! First because it’s the month I was born. Secondly, because I can have nice long sun baths! What better month to catch some vitamin D by the windows!?


And now mommy/daddy (questions):


1- Is Arya your first fur baby?

Our first pet was a hamster named Tobias! Arya got to know him for a while!


2- What is the one thing that makes you laugh the most about Arya ?

The expression she makes when she gets woken by the lights! She’s very expressive!




3- Does Arya ever been naughty?

There’re days when she’s more active, but overall, she’s a very relaxed cat.


4- Are you planning on having more ‘fur kids’?

Yes, but not in the near future. For the time being, our time is focused on these two brats!


5- If you could give advise to a new pawrent, what would you tell them?

I think the main advice would be to really reflect on the implications of having a pet. Not just the good stuff, the cuddles and fun times, but also the “bad”. They are animals that have needs. They need our attention, dedication and patience. Also, they should really access their finances. Like us, pets get sick and demand health care!


6- What do you consider the most challenging part about being a pawrent?

Without a doubt when we have to leave the house for a few days! Planning is always stressful.


7- And what do you consider the biggest reward about being a pawrent?

Seeing these furballs happy, wagging their tales for us!



8- How many nick-names does Arya have?

It’s either Aryazinha or lady!


9- Does Arya ever annoys you, if you don’t give her the attention she seeks?

Yes, especially around mealtime. She really wants to be heard, even if that means annoying the humans.

10- Can you share an amazing priceless moment spent with Arya, something that you would never forget?

If we have to choose one, it would be the time we took her to the beach. It was wonderful seeing her gain trust, conquering the unknow and seeking us for shelter!

Thank you so much for your time.

We meow you 💖

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings
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